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Air and Marine Operations Assets

To meet border security threats and challenges, Air and Marine Operations (AMO) deploys aircraft and maritime vessels to air and marine branches and units throughout the country to provide rapid air and marine response capabilities.

For more information on our assets, click on the name above the photo.

AMO Fixed-Wing Aircraft

Cessna C-206/210










Fact Sheet on Cessna C-206/210

AMO Rotary-Wing Aircraft








Fact Sheet on Airbus EC120


Black Hawk UH 60






Fact Sheet on Sikorsky UH-60

Sikorsky S-76







Fact Sheet on Sikorsky S-76

AMO Marine Vessels


33-ft SAFE boat








Fact Sheet on 33-Foot SAFE Boat

38 FT SAFE Boat








Fact Sheet on 38-Foot SAFE Boat

AMO Other Assets


Ground Control Station








Fact Sheet on Ground Control Station

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