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Carrier Liaison Program Overview

The Carrier Liaison Program (CLP) enhances border security by increasing commercial carrier effectiveness in identifying improperly documented travelers destined to the United States and removing fraudulent documents from circulation. The primary method for accomplishing this mission is by providing technical assistance and training to carrier staff. Technical assistance includes publication and distribution of Carrier Information Guides to the industry stakeholders. In addition, CBP developed the 24/7 Regional Carrier Liaison Group phone center to provide real-time entry requirements and document validity advice to the carriers worldwide.

CLP provides training on U.S. entry requirements, human trafficking, passenger assessment, fraudulent document detection and impostor identification using the state-of-the-art document examination material, equipment, and training tools. Training is delivered domestically and at airports abroad by experienced CLP officers and is customized to meet the needs of specific carriers or locations based on performance analysis or emergent circumstances. CLP officers also assist carriers to develop and implement strategies to reduce travel document abuse.

International Airline requests for training on documentary requirements for entry to the United States, Carrier Information Guides or additional information on the Carrier Liaison Program can be directed to


Carrier Liaison Program (CLP) Bulletins

Last Modified: Oct 24, 2023