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EAPA Action: Notice of Interim Measures - Aluminum Sheet

CBP Takes Interim Measures for Common Alloy Aluminum Sheet in Ongoing Enforce and Protect Act Investigation

WASHINGTON—On September 28, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issued a notice of investigation and interim measures as a part of an ongoing Enforce and Protect Act (EAPA) investigation into the alleged evasion of antidumping duty and countervailing duty (AD/CVD) orders involving the transshipment of Chinese-origin common alloy aluminum sheet (aluminum sheet) through Turkey. During the course of its investigation, CBP developed a reasonable suspicion that AA Metals Inc. (AA Metals) transshipped aluminum sheet through Turkey to evade AD/CVD orders A-570-073 and C-570-074, potentially evading a significant amount in duties owed to the U.S. Government.

CBP has taken the following interim measures against AA Metals in order to protect U.S. revenue from future evasion attempts by:

  • Requiring “live” entry for all imports of aluminum sheet, meaning AA Metals must submit proper import documentation and duties prior to the release of its merchandise;
  • Suspending or extending entries of activated carbon without final computation or determination of duties (liquidation), as appropriate; and
  • Reviewing AA Metal’s continuous bond and application of single transaction bonds for it, as appropriate.

As a result of implementing EAPA interim measures, CBP halts the potential evasion of a significant amount of antidumping duties annually. If you suspect an importer of duty evasion, CBP encourages you to submit an allegation through our online portal.

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Last Modified: Nov 12, 2020