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BIEC Committees

The BIEC is comprised of senior officials at the Department level that oversee the following agency level working committees:

Risk Management Committee, chaired by FDA

Partner government agencies in the Risk Management Committee are working to develop complementary and coordinated risk management processes with the objective of creating more efficient and effective targeting of imports and exports for the U.S. Government.

Process Coordination Committee, chaired by CBP

Partner government agencies in the Process Coordination Committee are working to identify opportunities to reduce and streamline reporting requirements and develop more integrated and efficient processing of imports and exports.

External Engagement Committee, chaired by DOC

COAC and the other representatives of the trade will have the opportunity to engage the BIEC further through the External Engagement Committee. Private sector input will be critical in identifying critical opportunities for improving and streamlining the import and export processes.


Last Modified: May 08, 2023