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Entry Summary Cancellations

An entry summary cancellation “cancels” the summary.  The summary data remains on file in “canceled status”. 

It is the filer’s responsibility to request and provide supporting information for an entry summary cancellation.  Further supporting documents could be requested to support the claim for cancellation. 

The filer will receive a notification via ABI once the cancellation is complete. 

To cancel an entry summary, the entry summary must be:

  • In CBP control,
  • Accepted status,
  • Not liquidated,
  • Removed from statement.

NOTE:  If the entry is in “trade control”, the trade can delete the entry summary. 

NOTE:  Any Reconciliation flags will be automatically removed on an entry summary that is canceled.  It is not necessary to remove the flag prior to canceling the entry summary. 



CSMS #49719889 - Cancellation request not allowed to take advantage of lower duty rates.


For more information on Entry Summary Cancellations, please see in the ACE Entry Summary Business Process.


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Last modified: 
October 12, 2021