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Requests to Waive the Navigation Laws

In the event a party seeks a waiver of the navigation laws enforced by CBP,  including the Jones Act, all such requests must include, in addition to the reason/justification for seeking such a request, the following information:

  • Cargo (description, type, weight and dimensions of cargo, units if containerized)
  • Name of the vessel that will be used for the proposed transportation
  • Vessel Flag/County of Registration
  • Available for Loading Date (ready for pick-up)
  • Required Shipping Date (must be shipped by)
  • Required Delivery Date
  • Preferred Port of Lading
  • Preferred Port of Unlading
  • Name of Shipper
  • Name of Consignee
  • Point of Contact (name, phone, email)
  • Special Instructions (Hazmat? Other concerns?)
  • A statement that the requester does not have under charter any coastwise-qualified vessel that is: capable of transporting the type of merchandise at issue, and whether or not it is laden with the type of cargo described in the request.
  • Why granting the waiver for the proposed transportation of cargo would be necessary in the interest of national defense.

Requests to waive the Jones Act navigation laws should be sent to the following:


Questions? Please contact 202-860-7502.

  • Last Modified: April 5, 2022