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What Records Can CBP Provide Under FOIA?

Filing a FOIA with CBP

The most expeditious way to submit a FOIA request to CBP is electronically, via FOIAonline – CBP’s official system for tracking all FOIA requests.  To submit a FOIA electronically, click on the following link then click on “Create an Account”. 

After you create a FOIAonline account you can submit a FOIA request directly to CBP. When submitting a FOIA request on records that pertain to you, please provide your full name, address, and date of birth. If you are requesting records on behalf of someone else, you need a signed G-28 form (Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative), or some other form of signed consent that will allow CBP to release the records to a 3rd party. Once your request is submitted you will receive an acknowledgment and a FOIA tracking number. After your FOIA request is acknowledged you can track the status of your request at any time. Please note that the FOIA process is not intended to be a mechanism for asking questions of CBP. FOIA requests are intended to provide access to CBP records.

Common FOIA Requests

Some records may not be available through the CBP FOIA Office. The table below lists common FOIA requests and the agency/program office that can respond to these requests.

Record/Request Type Where to Submit FOIA Request

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Trusted Traveler Programs:

  • Note: If you are seeking information on a trusted traveler application denial, contact the relevant enrollment center.
Enrollment Centers:
Global Entry

Apprehension by Border Patrol between Official Ports of Entry

  • Note: CBP does not have complete records of apprehensions by Border Patrol made before 2000. Records of apprehensions by Border Patrol made before 2000 may be available in the A-File maintained by USCIS.


CBP Background Investigation CBP
CBP Contracts CBP
Detention by Border Patrol or at Port of Entry CBP
Expedited Removal by Border Patrol or at Port of Entry CBP
CBP Human Resources CBP
Import Trade Activity (ITRAC) Requests CBP ITRAC Requests
I-94 Records

CBP I-94 website

Passenger Name Record (PNR) (Travel Industry Reservation Data) CBP
Records Regarding My Inspection or Examination upon My Arrival at a U.S. Port of Entry CBP

Information Regarding Entry and Exit

  • Note: CBP does not have records on the entry and exit of persons arriving or departing the U.S. before 1982.
Voluntary Return CBP
A-File U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
I-130 Records USCIS
Petition Status USCIS
Deportation Records; Detention and Removal Records USCIS
Medical Records (While in Detention) Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Inquiries or Resolution Regarding Difficulties Experienced During Travel

(If you experience repeated referrals for security screenings or you believe that you have been denied boarding or entry into the U.S. because of inaccurate information in law enforcement databases)

Department of Homeland Security (DHS TRIP)
Visa/Passport Department of State

Concerns about how you were treated by CBP officers, or if you have a general or specific question(s) about CBP or your CBP inspection

CBP Info Center or call

(877) CBP-5511 (227-5511) for U.S. Callers or (202) 325-8000 for International callers

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November 30, 2018