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RGV Migrant Apprehensions Continue to Rise in FY22

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EDINBURG, Texas – Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector (RGV) agents continue to experience a high volume of migrants crossing into the United States.

RGV agents encountered 33,838 migrants in February, a 19% increase compared to the same time frame last year. The majority of these arrests were single adults, who accounted for more than 20,600 apprehensions. RGV agents also encountered more than 13,000 family members and unaccompanied children. This flow continues to stay consistent and is evident by the latest apprehension of a large group of migrants that illegally entered the United States in the Rio Grande Valley within the past week. The group consisted of 249 migrants. Agents determined the migrants are citizens of Central and South America and Cuba.

This fiscal year, RGV agents have apprehended 201,309 migrants, a 106% increase compared to the same time frame last year.  

For more statistics on apprehensions, encounters, and arrests of individuals with criminal convictions go to https://www.cbp.gov/newsroom/stats/cbp-enforcement-statistics

Please visit www.cbp.gov to view additional news releases and other information pertaining to Customs and Border Protection.  Follow us on Twitter @CBPRGV and @USBPChiefRGV.


  • Last Modified: October 5, 2022