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Previously Removed Aggravated Felons Sentenced To Jail

Release Date

DETROIT—Two Mexican citizens and convicted aggravated felons who unlawfully reentered the United States after previous removals were sentenced in separate cases this past week in Federal District Court. One subject had previously served time in prison for narcotics offenses, and the other for aggravated sexual assault.

On July 3 and August 9, 2017, agents from Detroit Border Patrol Station separately encountered Tomas Perez-Trinidad and Juan Marquez-Gutierrez while performing transportation checks at the Greyhound Bus terminal in Detroit. Both Perez and Marquez were arrested after admitting to being citizens of Mexico illegally present in the United States. While performing checks on the subjects, agents uncovered lengthy immigration and criminal histories.

Border Patrol arrests two previously deported felons
Border Patrol arrests two previously deported felons

Perez had previously been incarcerated for ten years in New Jersey for felony convictions including Aggravated Sexual Assault; Sexual Assault by Force of Coercion; and Criminal Sexual Assault. He was previously removed to Mexico in February 2015.

Marquez had served extensive jail time in Greensboro, North Carolina for felony convictions of Trafficking by Transportation of Cocaine; Trafficking by Possession of Cocaine; and Conspiring to Traffic by Possession of Cocaine. In November, 2009 he was removed to Mexico on a Reinstatement of Prior Order of Removal.

Perez and Marquez were convicted of 8 USC 1326 Unlawful Reentry after Removal and sentenced to 30 months (Perez) and 27 months (Marquez) jail time. “These convictions are a result of the hard work being done every day by the agents of Detroit Station,” said Corey Bammer, Patrol Agent in Charge. The cases were prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Detroit, Michigan.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021