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Laredo Sector Border Patrol Honors January’s Youth of the Month

Release Date
Wed, 01/17/2018
January Youth of the Month
Sitting left to right: Hector J. Garcia
Early College High School- Gabriela
Villa; John B. Alexander High School-
Alexis Morales; J.W. Nixon High
School- Carolina Gamez; Lyndon B.
Johnson High School- Valeria Jackelyn
Aguilar; R&T Martin High School-
Clara Rivera; St. Augustine High
School- Casey Loren Cuellar; Texas
Academy of International and STEM
Studies- Sara Hassoun; Standing left to
right: Border Patrol Agent Jose I.
Munoz and Assistant Chief Patrol
Agent Gabriel Acosta; Dr. Leonides G.
Cigarroa High School- Melissa
Quinones; Harmony Science
Academy- Alexandra Gutierrez;
United High School- Carolina Ramos;
United South High School- Julian
Gonzalez Vega; Acting Patrol Agent
in Charge Rene A. Valenzuela II and
Supervisory Border Patrol Agent
Victor H. Cardenas.

Laredo, Texas – Celebrating 30 years, The United States Border Patrol Laredo Sector has been recognizing outstanding high school seniors. Youth of the Month Recipients for January’s were announced at a beautiful ceremony at Martin High School. The Laredo Sector Border Patrol presented seniors from 11 Laredo high schools with the prestigious Youth of the Month Award.

The Border Patrol Youth of the Month program has recognized Laredo’s top high school seniors for 30 years.  Together, with the collaboration of program partners, one student is selected each month from the Laredo-area high schools as Border Patrol Youth of the Month. At the end of the school year, 11 Youth of the Month recipients are considered for the prestigious Border Patrol Youth of the Year award.

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