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Traveler and Conveyance Statistics

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The Office of Field Operations (OFO) is the law enforcement component within CBP responsible for carrying out CBP's complex and demanding border security mission at all ports of entry (POE), including managing the lawful access of people to the United States by securing and expediting international travel. The statistics posted here represent the conveyances and travelers arriving to the United States via aircraft, on foot (pedestrians), passenger vehicles, and trucks.

Data is extracted from live CBP systems and data sources. Statistical information is subject to change due to corrections, system changes, changes in data definition, additional information, or data pending final review. Final statistics are available at the conclusion of each fiscal year.

Dashboard Dataset

FY21 - FY24(FYTD) Traveler and Conveyance Statistics - October

FY20 - FY23 Traveler and Conveyance Statistics

FY19 - FY22 Traveler and Conveyance Statistics

Dashboard Data Dictionary

Traveler and Conveyance Data Dictionary

Dashboard Using this Data

Traveler & Conveyance Dashboard

Attachment Ext. Size Date
Traveler and Conveyance Dataset FY21 - FY24 - October CSV 3.54 MB 11/09/2023
Traveler and Conveyance Dataset FY19 - FY22 CSV 4.53 MB 10/19/2022
Travelers and Conveyances Data Dictionary PDF 220.07 KB 12/15/2022
Traveler and Conveyance Dataset FY20 - FY23 CSV 4.44 MB 10/18/2023
Last Modified: Nov 14, 2023