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ACE PGA Forms List - Imports

The ACE PGA Forms document outlines by PGA form if PGA Message Set or DIS is required for pilot participants.  In the right most column, users will see if any of the forms have been designated for DIS submission during the interim period.  Please note: some PGA forms may require approval and/or signature by a PGA prior to submitting the form in DIS, including:

  • EPA Notice of Arrival of Pesticides and Devices Form (EPA 3540-1)

The EPA Form 3540-01 mentioned above does not need to be signed by CBP.  Unless deemed necessary, there is no requirement for CBP to print out the submitted forms from DIS.  All forms requiring PGA approval prior to submission in DIS are indicated by an asterisk in the forms list. During this interim period, filers do not have to submit the forms in paper to CBP.  Filers need only to upload the PGA forms via DIS in order for CBP to verify the PGA requirements have been met.

Filers participating in PGA pilots may still submit the required data via the PGA message set.   Please note that when all ACE mandatory dates are implemented, all filers will have to conform to the PGA message set and/or DIS requirements set forth by each PGA.

If you have any questions on the the associated dates in this file, please reference our mandatory dates requirements or contact CBP at:

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