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Biometric records including Memorandum of Understanding, training, policy, cost analysts, correspondence, Congressional reports, Standard Operating Procedures, 

Attachment Ext. Size Date
CBP and Buffalo Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority Automated Commercial Environment and Pre-Arrival Readiness Evaluation V1.7 PDF 384.99 KB 05/03/2022
CBP Biometric Entry-Exit Analysis of Experiments Approach PDF 384.99 KB 05/03/2022
Report to Congress Deployment of Biometrics Technology PDF 529.66 KB 05/03/2022
Biometric Correspondence CY 2018-2019 File 01 JPG 14.32 KB 05/03/2022
Biometric Business Requirements File 01 PDF 429.23 KB 05/03/2022
Biometrics Memorandum of Understanding File 01 XLSX 24.91 KB 05/03/2022
Biometrics Presentations File 01 PDF 127.75 KB 05/03/2022
Biometrics Guides and Training File 01 PDF 237.02 KB 05/04/2022
U.S. Citizens Opt Out of Facial Comparison ZIP 2.72 KB 05/04/2022
Biometric TSA Pilot Phase II PDF 722.15 KB 05/04/2022
Biometrics Life Cycle Cost Estimates File 01 JPG 2.81 MB 05/04/2022
Biometrics Concept of Operations File 01 JPG 2.86 MB 05/04/2022
Privacy Impact Assessment Update Automated Targeting System JPG 7.75 MB 05/04/2022
Last Modified: Mar 07, 2024