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Roads Improvement - Webb County, Texas - August 2023

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) drafted the final Environmental Assessment (EA) and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) to identify the potential effects associated with the proposed action, which included the improvement of roads in U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) Laredo Sector to Functional Class-2 (FC-2) all weather roads. FC-2 roads are two-lane, 24-foot wide, unpaved, all-weather roads consisting of a surface of imported aggregate material, such as milled bituminous material or processed stone and gravel. The upgraded all-weather roads will improve mobility and accessibility for USBP agents responding to illegal cross-border traffic.

From February to March 2022, CBP sought public input on data and information to inform the development of the EA. From November to December 2022, CBP sought input on the draft EA that addressed the potential impacts to the environment, culture, quality of life, and commerce, including potential socioeconomic impacts, for the communities located near the construction sites. 

Based on the final EA, CBP determined that the proposed action did not significantly affect the human environment and that no further analysis would be required. Preparation of an environmental impact statement was not required and a FONSI was issued.

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Attachment Ext. Size Date
Final Environmental Assessment and FONSI Roads Improvement Webb County, TX PDF 3.40 MB 08/25/2023
Appendices for Webb County TX Roads Improvement Environmental Assessment PDF 85.66 MB 08/29/2023
Draft Environmental Assessment Roads Improvement Project PDF 4.55 MB 11/01/2022
Appendices Draft Environmental Assessment Roads Improvement Project PDF 47.24 MB 11/01/2022
Notice of Availability of Draft Environmental Assessment Roads Improvement Project ENGLISH.pdf PDF 229.67 KB 11/01/2022
Notice of Scoping Laredo Roads Improvement ENGLISH PDF 313.36 KB 02/25/2022
Scoping Report for Laredo Patrol Road Improvements ENGLISH PDF 310.64 KB 07/27/2022

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Last Modified: Aug 29, 2023