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OIT FY 2022 Year in Review Report

At the end of another outstanding and remarkable year, U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Office of Information and Technology is pleased to present its “Year in Review Report for Fiscal Year 2022.” The Office of Information and Technology continues to make investments in people, infrastructure, and applications while collaborating with partners to deliver secure and efficient IT solutions and services anywhere, anytime at the speed of CBP’s 24/7 mission. In FY 2022, the Office of Information and Technology focused on strategic transformation, building upon tactical excellence, and improving governance and management of the enterprise with measured performance while expanding IT innovation. Utilizing cutting-edge and innovative technologies allows CBP lead the way in meeting ever evolving and historic mission needs and challenges. The highlights below are a sample of the extensive details in the report.

Publication highlights

  1. Mission Applications: Launched the Unified Processing effort which will create CBP’s first ever, cross-component technology solution for responding to migrant crossing surges and other urgent CBP initiatives; developed capabilities in support of Uniting for Ukraine to provide advanced travel authorization to the U.S. for Ukrainian citizens; completed the first Department of Homeland Security Technology Modernization Fund financed and governed project, within budget and without major issues; streamlined traveler experiences through paperless Global Entry kiosks and touchless experiences in partnership with the Transportation Security Administration; and enhanced Automated Commercial Environment capabilities, including the launch of Truck Manifest Modernization , to process over $3.4 trillion in Total Goods Value.
  2. Mission Infrastructure: Migrated 61% of the 271 apps targeted for cloud migration; placed 99% of the orders for telecommunications services that must transition to the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions, with vendors submitting 98% of the orders for transition and execution; retired CBP’s legacy Mainframe and removed associated equipment; and implemented the Mobile Wireless Integrated Network Device as part of the newly developed United States Border Patrol Mobile En-Route Processing effort.
  3. Mission Trusted Partner Initiative: Expanded and evolved the Tour of Modernizing Technology effort to incorporate the “Modernize, Apply, Sustain,” or “CBP Gets ‘MÁS” With OIT” theme; supported the Border 5/Migration 5 Chief Information Office Tech Forum including in-person meetings in London; participated in CBP’s first Trade Facilitation and Cargo Security Summit; collaborated with the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center; and partnered with Health and Human Services to expand use of the Unified Immigration Portal.
  4. Mission Cybersecurity: Published the CBP Cybersecurity Strategy FY 2022 – 2024; established the Cyber Risk Management program to support implantation of the Zero Trust Architecture; achieved a result of zero Notice of Findings and Recommendations for the Annual Financial Statement Audit; created dashboards to enhance access to real-time information, resulting in a more secure IT environment; and achieved an all green Federal Information Security Modernization Act scorecard for the very first time.
  5. Mission Enterprise IT Governance: Established the Management and Governance Directorate to enhance IT Governance at CBP; created the CBP Chief Data Officer position and produced the first CBP Data Strategy; executed an organizational realignment to provide a better span of control in management and leadership; and deployed the CBP IT Executive Dashboard as a transparent platform to motivate and inform data-driven enterprise decision-making.
  6. CIO Business Operations: Developed a portfolio of four Workforce Experience initiatives; engaged employees through quarterly town halls and small group discussions with Office of Information and Technology leadership; recognized and celebrated employees’ successes and accolades; and launched an updated Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program to enhance cross-cultural and cross-gender awareness and promote equal opportunity for all employees

The CBP Office of Information and Technology team has had four back-to-back years of outstanding achievement. The Office of Information and Technology looks forward to continuing to deliver secure and reliable capabilities and is committed to marching towards even greater levels of excellence together in FY 2023.

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Last Modified: Feb 01, 2024