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VWP Signatory Status Application Instructions

Please read instructions carefully.

For a carrier to be eligible to transport VWP travelers without penalty, carriers must become signatory to the VWP. To become signatory to the VWP applicants must provide the following:

  • * Two (2) signed Forms I-775
  • Carrier must be in compliance with ESTA requirements
  • Documentation indicating the carrier's United States tax identification number (or Customs Importer Number)
  • Two or three-character IATA airline code
  • Type and number of aircraft operated
  • Evidence that the carrier issues non-transferable return trip tickets
  • Provide carrier's mailing address, phone number and a point of contact

*The forms must bear original signatures (no photocopies or signature stamps)

Submit a cover letter requesting inclusion into the program, and a complete application to:

ttn: Lisa Santana Fox
Director, Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures
1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Room 2.1A
Washington, DC 20229


During the pandemic, in addition to mailing the original documents, scan and email them

Last Modified: Sep 20, 2021