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VWP Signatory Status Application Instructions

Please read instructions carefully.

For a carrier to be eligible to transport VWP travelers without penalty, carriers must become signatory to the VWP. To become signatory to the VWP applicants must provide the following:

  • * Two (2) signed Forms I-775
  • Carrier must be in compliance with ESTA requirements
  • Documentation indicating the carrier's United States tax identification number (or Customs Importer Number)
  • Two or three-character IATA airline code
  • Type and number of aircraft operated
  • Evidence that the carrier issues non-transferable return trip tickets
  • Provide carrier's mailing address, phone number and a point of contact

*The forms must bear original signatures (no photocopies or signature stamps)

Submit a cover letter requesting inclusion into the program, and a complete application to:

ttn: Lisa Santana Fox
Director, Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures
1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Room 2.1A
Washington, DC 20229

Last modified: 
January 10, 2022