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NAFTA Verification Audit Manual

The NAFTA Verification/Audit Manual is developed to support the verification of goods for which NAFTA preferential tariff treatment has been claimed comply with the rules of origin.

This trilateral guide details the recommended technical verification framework to be observed by each party when conducting NAFTA verifications. This trilaterally agreed upon manual also provides significant automobile information.

Introduction and Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Purpose of the Manual and Legislative Framework

Chapter 2: Co-operation Among the Parties

Chapter 3: Auditing Standards

Chapter 4: Objectives of NAFTA Audits (Verifications)

Chapter 5: Scope of the NAFTA Audits (Verifications)

Chapter 6: Methodology for Rules of Origin Audits (Verifications)

Chapter 7: NAFTA Working Groups

U.S. Appendix

Last modified: 
May 30, 2014