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NAFTA Marking Rulings Issued by U.S. Customs and Border Protection

NAFTA Rulings -- Classification

HQ003941 Tariff classification of a thermostat housing; (8481.90.9060) 10/09/96
HQ557600 Duty exemption under 9802.00.50 - denim jeans 2/24/94
HQ557870 Eligibility of lace table coverings for 9802.00.92; Country of origin marking 7/6/94
HQ557875 Applicability of subheading 9802.00.90, HTSUS, to soft-sided luggage; Special Regime Program; Findings; Article 509 5/04/96
HQ557924 Repair - NAFTA eligibility (9802.00.50) 9/14/94
HQ557991 Photocopier drum cartridges; repairs; alterations. Application of 9802.00.50) (A-509) 10/17/94
HQ558005 Applicability of 9802.00.50 to hot rolled steel dock parts; galvanizing; repair and alteration (A-509) 10/27/94
HQ558010 Recycled anion and cation resin - partial duty exemption (9802.00.50) 3/6/95
HQ558636 Manual fire alarm, country of origin marking (A-509) (9802.00.80) 12/2/94
HQ558708 Application of 9802.00.90 to scarves and heatable plastic packs (A-509) 6/14/95
HQ558713 Repair/Alteration - NAFTA eligibility (9802.00.50) 12/22/94
HQ558765 Classification & eligibility of NAFTA preferences for circuit board assemblies, Country of Origin Marking (A-509) (8538.90.20, 9802.00.80) 9/22/95
HQ558813 Partial duty exemption under 9802.00.80; originating status under NAFTA (A-509) 2/1/95
HQ558823 Applicability of 9802.00.50 to used vehicle air brake systems, tear down, rebuild (A-509) 2/6/95
HQ558860 Packing costs; 9802.00.50 2/16/95
HQ558869 Digital voice terminals, repair and alteration (9802.00.50) 3/8/95
HQ558896 Application of (9802.00.90) to boy's athletic shirts, country of origin marking (A-509) 3/10/95
HQ558912 Applicability of (9801.00.10) and (9802.00.50) to steel tubing cut to length, marking requirements 3/17/95
HQ558954 NAFTA (APTA) eligibility of originating vehicles imported from Australia and Mexico, transshipment 9/20/95
HQ558956 Applicability of (9802.00.50) to surgical instruments (A-509) 4/12/95
HQ558983 AFFR (3801-94-102710) Applicability of 9801.00.10 to Taurus Wagons; detrimental reliance; uniform practice. 6/29/95
HQ558987 Applicability of 9802.00.50 to voice terminals 5/17/95
HQ559119 Applicability of 9802.00.50 to cooked red beans and chick peas 9/22/95
HQ559199 Modification of NY807803; Remanufactured ac/refrigeration compressors; scrap; waste (A-509) (9802.00.90) 5/15/95
HQ559207 Applicability of 9802.00.50 to U.S. greige fabric exported to CA for bleaching, etc & returned to the U.S., alterations, intermediate processing (A-509) 2/2/96
HQ559247 Reconsideration of HQ558823: Application of 9802.00.50 to used vehicle air brake sys.; scrap (A-509) 9/5/95
HQ559399 Eligibility of ice skates assembled in Canada for tariff preference under NAFTA (9802.00.80) 7/11/96
HQ559552 Applicability of 9802.00.90 to men's suit jackets, special regime, findings, trimmings; etc. 2/14/96
HQ559552 Applicability of 9802.00.90; findings and trimmings 2/14/96
HQ559587 Eligibility of stainless steel bars for duty-free treatment under NAFTA; Country of origin marking; Article 509; (7218.90) 4/22/96
HQ559639 Applicability of duty exemption 9802.00.50 to flashlights imported into the U.S. from the Philippines and processed in Mexico for pad printing and packaging 6/25/96
HQ559738 Applicability of 9802.00.90 to wool jackets; special regime; findings; trimmings; shoulder pads; chest piece; sleevehead; synthetic suede yoke; Mexico; NAFTA; country of origin marking; Article 509 7/2/96
HQ559793 Applicability of partial duty exemption under 9802.00.50 to Alaskan Pollack; blocks; cut; battered; breaded; frozen; Canada; Art 509; 19 CFR 181.64 7/29/96
HQ559793 Applicability of partial duty exemption under HTSUS subheading 9802.00.50 to Alaskan Pollack; Blocks; cut; battered; breaded; frozen; Canada; NAFTA; Article 509; 19 CFR 181.64; (1604.19.40) 7/29/96
HQ559794 Request for internal advice; applicability of subheading 9802.00.90, HTSUS, to women's and men's jackets; textile drawstring cord; findings 6/3/96
HQ559970 NAFTA; Article 307; Subheading 9802.00.50; Repair/Alteration; [Essential identity]; 19 CFR 181.64; HQ554539; Guardian Industries, Inc. v. U.S., 3 C.I.T. 9 (1982); Doliff & Company, Inc v. U.S., C.D. 4386, 6 Cust. Ct. 102 (1941); HQ555443; HQ555741; HQ559197; 19 USC 1304; Ashdown, USA v United States, 12 C.I.T. 808, 696 f. SUPP. 661 (1988); HQ951072; 9802.00.50 11/26/96
HQ559991 Classification; NAFTA Article 509; Originating good; General note 12; Peanuts 2008.11 11/27/96
HQ952368 Folklore apparel from Mexico (6204.42.30, 6206.30.30, 6211.41, 6214.90) 5/25/93
HQ954316 Unassembled doll house kit - NAFTA eligibility, de minimis (9503.70.8888) (A-509) 8/8/94
HQ955203 Refinery feedstock; crude oil, inventory management, commingling; fungible; essential character (2709.27.10) 6/2/94
HQ955266 "Hexabrix" - NAFTA eligibility (3006.30.5000) (A-509) 9/6/94
HQ955371 Cap with net for insect protection - NAFTA eligibility (6505) 4/15/94
HQ955699 NAFTA eligibility to manufacture; window or wall room air conditioners & heat pumps (8515.10.00) 6/17/94
HQ955743 Television chassis, printed circuit board assemblies - NAFTA eligibility (8529.90.43) 5/25/94
HQ955774 NAFTA eligibility and Country of origin Marking for cushioned beach towels (6307.90.9986) 4/13/94
HQ955807 NAFTA eligibility and Country of origin marking for gold jewelry with/without gems (7113.19) 5/2/94
HQ955879 Steel buttweld fittings, flanges, etc., NAFTA rules of origin (7214, 7228, 7304, 7307) 5/17/94
HQ955990 NAFTA eligibility of wheel hub assemblies-double ball bearings (8708.99.58) 6/7/94
HQ956003 Components of off-road trucks in separate shipment; NAFTA Certificate of origin; (8704) 6/20/95
HQ956044 NAFTA eligibility of woven cotton shorts & knit cotton cardigans from Indian fabric (6203.42.40) 7/20/94
HQ956099 Modification of NY894310; classification of pintlepin assemblies, applicability of NAFTA, de minimis, nonqualifying component (5609.30.0000) 3/25/94
HQ956361 NAFTA eligibility and classification of table coverings (6302.40.20) 7/14/94
HQ956362 NAFTA edibility of denim jeans 7/11/94
HQ956402 Pocket knife, rules of origin (A-509) (8211.93.00) 8/9/94
HQ956547 Reusable plastic shipping containers (A-509); (3923.10, 3923.90) 10/12/94
HQ956597 Batteries, perforated steel sheets, change in tariff classification (A-509) (8507.30.80, 7326.90.90) 8/10/94
HQ956604 Tautliner; Tarpaulin system for trailers, etc. Unassembled goods, de minimis (8716.30, 8716..90) 9/26/94
HQ956684 NAFTA eligibility and HTS classification of "Chongos" (0406.10.1000) 10/12/94
HQ956970 Cable-television signal converter, remote control device (A-509) (8525.10.2030) 12/12/94
HQ957004 Women's knitted sleepwear garments; preference eligibility (A-509) (6108.31.0010, 6108.91.0030) 11/23/94
HQ957130 RE: Air conditioning units; evaporator; condenser; compressor; Section XVI, Note 4; Functional Unit; GRI 2(a); NAFTA GN 12(b)(i) and (ii)(A), and 12(t), (8413.30.80, 8415.82, 8415.83) 11/9/94
HQ957130 Classification of air conditioning units; Evaporator; Condenser; Compressor; Section XVI, Note 4; Functional Unit; GRI 2(a); NAFTA; General notes 12(b)(i)and (ii)(A), and 12(t)/84.33(A); 8414.30.80; 8415.82; 8415.83 11/09/94
HQ957188 Wire harnesses, automotive good - NAFTA eligibility (8544.30) (A-509) 2/9/95
HQ957424 Classification of spring retractor assemblies; NAFTA eligibility (A-509) (7320.90.50) 5/12/95
HQ957425 Classification of automotive seat belt retractor assemblies, NAFTA eligibility (A-509) (7320.90.50) 5/12/95
HQ957533 Disk assemblies, units and subsystems-classification and NAFTA eligibility (8471.93.40) 3/13/95
HQ957572 Reconsideration of HQ956423: NAFTA eligibility; de minimis; (A-509) (6201.92) 4/3/95
HQ957697 Residential burglar/fire alarm system, originating good, marking rules, simple assembly (A-509) 6/21/95
HQ957704 Modification of NY806292; Eligibility for NAFTA - "Mead five star first gear ensemble binder: (4820.10.20) 7/7/95
HQ957845 Classification and NAFTA eligibility for Pullman suitcase (4202.12.6000) 5/14/95
HQ958053 Applicability of 9802.00.90; findings and trimmings 6/30/95
HQ958077 Transformer cores; flat rolled products of alloy steel, originating goods (7226.10.50) 1/31/96
HQ958912 RE: Canadian dump truck imported to US from Mexico; Canadian art; APTA; GN 5 & 12; Transshipment NAFTA; Section 16 of the Appendix to Part 181 of Title 19 CFR; HQ958053 (8704.10.10) 6/21/96
HQ958912 Classification; PRD2304-95-100210; Dump Truck of Canadian origin imported into the Customs territory from Mexico; Canadian Article, originating good; Automotive products Trade Act (APTA); General Notes 5, and 12, HTSUS; Transshipment; NAFTA Rules of Origin Regulations; Section 16 of the Appendix to Part 181 of Title 19 CFR; HQ958053; 8704.10.10 6/21/96
HQ959073 Classification projection television module; Cathode-Ray tubes (CRTs); Additional U.S. Notes 5 and 6 to Chapter 85; NAFTA "originating goods"; Headings 8528 and 8540; (8540.12.08, 8540.12.50) 12/09/96
HQ959367 Classification; country of origin determination for curtain panel; Section 102.21(c)(2); NAFTA; Section 12.130(c); (6303.91 8/06/96
HQ959368 Country o origin determination for curtain panel; Section 102.21(c)(2); NAFTA (6303.92.20) 8/06/96
HQ959369 Country of origin determination for curtain panel; Section 102.21(c)(2); NAFTA (6303.91) 8/06/96
HQ959395 Country of origin determination for cape and scarf; Section 102.21(c)(2); tariff shift (6303.13.4020); Section 102.21(c)(4); most important manufacturing process; NAFTA not applicable 8/06/96
HQ959443 Classification and country of origin determination for curtains; Section 102.21(c)(2); NAFTA; Section 12.130(c) (6303) 7/19/96
HQ959499 Classification; Country of origin determination for tents; EN to heading 6306; Chapter Note 1(u) of Chapter 95; 19 CFR 102.21(c)(5); last country in which an important assembly occurs; NAFTA not applicable 9/12/96
HQ959524 Classification and country of origin determination for eyeglass pouch; heading 4202; HTSUSA; Section 102.21(c)(2); tariff shift; NAFTA; Article 509; (4202.32.9550) 11/04/96
HQ959557 Classification; Country of origin determination for an ironing board pad and covers, Section 102.21(c)(5); last country in which an important assembly or manufacturing process occurs; NAFTA; 6307.90 9/09/96
HQ959592 Classification and country of origin determination for comforters and a pillow; Section 102.21(c)(4); Most important manufacturing process; NAFTA; (9404.90); Revocation of HQ959592 is attached HQ959834 10/01/96
HQ959672 Classification and country of origin determination for bib apron and sleeve protector; 19 CFR 102.21(c)(2); tariff shift; 6211.42.0081; 6217.10.9010 09/20/96
HQ959746 Classification; country of origin determination for sewing thread; Section 102.21(c)(4); most important manufacturing process; NAFTA not applicable (5204) 10/11/96
HQ959763 Classification; country of origin determination for elastic braided belt; General Note 12, HTSUS; NAFTA; (6217.10.9050) 10/23/96
HQ959834 Revocation of HQ959592; country of origin determination for comforters and a pillow; Section 102.21(c)(4); most important manufacturing process; NAFTA; Section 102.19; NAFTA preference override; (9494.90) 10/09/96
HQ959863 Classification; Country of origin determination for a cloth hanger; Section 102.21(c)(2); De minimis; General note 12(f)(vi); Section 102.13; NAFTA not applicable; 7307.90 10/31/96


NAFTA Rulings - Marking

HQ557994 Marking of peanut butter (A-509) 10/25 /94
HQ558009 Marking of aerochamber aerosol therapy device (A-509) 10/11/94
HQ558647 Marking of barley (A-509) 11/30/94
HQ558760 Marking of laser printer (A-509) 1/13/95
HQ558878 Marking of heating pad, assembled in the U.S. from MX origin subassemblies (A-509) 6/28/95
HQ558891 Marking of a cushion; NAFTA eligibility (A-509) 3/7/95
HQ558944 Marking for sunglasses & reading glasses (A-509) 5/23/95
HQ558955 Marking of sanding disks (A-509) 5/24/95
HQ558978 Marking of decorative party goods (A-509) 4/28/95
HQ558985 Marking of sunglass pouches; usual containers (A-509) 5/12/95
HQ559026 Marking & eligibility for preferential treatment of "ready brush" (A-509); fungible goods 6/8/95
HQ559027 Marking of alarm units, transformers (A-509) 8/29/95
HQ559045 Marking of fiber discs AFFR 2702-94-102213 3/3/95
HQ559073 Marking for disposable containers of cosmetics 6/28/95
HQ559147 Marking of orthodontic instruments; simple assembly; minor processing; shape; assembly; polish; sharpening N/A
HQ559186 Marking for inner sole footwear (A-509) 8/31/95
HQ559198 Marking of video cassettes (A-509) 11/20/95
HQ559259 Marking of dry gelatin/sugar mix (A-509) 12/6/95
HQ559285 Marking of pipe nipples imported from Canada 2/1/96
HQ559424 Marking for antihistaminic capsule product (A-509) 11/9/95
HQ559436 Modification of HR 559118; marking of wearing apparel 10/11/95
HQ559451 Marking for milk chocolate; melting (A-509) 1/18/96
HQ559510 Marking of video sleeves (A-509) 2/27/96
HQ559736 Marking of NAFTA qualifying down comforters/down comforter shells (A-509) 4/11/96
HQ735096 Marking for aluminum extrusions imported & assembled into louvers & grills (A-509) 3/22/95
HQ735252 Marking for small diameter automotive fittings, pipes, tubes; tagging the bundles or containers 7/7/94
HQ735256 Marking of U.S. made thermostats 2/22/94
HQ735257 Marking of imported shotgun barrels further manufactured in the U.S.(A-509) 9/16/94
HQ735278 Marking for induction welded steel mechanical tubing 7/13/94
HQ735363 Marking of stainless steel tubes 7/18/94
HQ735388 Marking requirements for wildberry (A-509) 9/30/94
HQ735427 Marking for imported printed material 10/25/94
HQ735428 Marking of jewelry mounted on cards & imported from Canada 5/12/94
HQ735452 Marking for date book student planners 5/31/94
HQ735455 Marking of paper bags for fireproofing materials 5/16/94
HQ735496 Marking for packaged cheeses; section 102.14 CFR (A-509) 10/26/94
HQ735538 Marking of automobile convenience nets 7/27/94
HQ735542 Marking for hose assembly for hoses for vacuum cleaners 3/21/94
HQ735546 Marking for gift tags & decorations printed in the U.S. for further processing & return 4/15/94
HQ735550 Marking for terra cotta pottery "works of art" 9/21/94
HQ735554 Marking for imitation precious or semiprecious stones (A-509) N/A
HQ735555 Marking & classification of printed material (A-509) 11/1/94
HQ735588 Marking for imported glass bottles filled in the U.S. (A-509) 2/10/95
HQ735589 Marking of imported retreaded truck times (A-509) 5/5/95
HQ735614 Marking requirements for imported printed material distributed in the U.S. free of charge (A-509) 1/25/95
HQ956117 Marking of T-shirts made in the U.S. & printed in CA 3/31/94
HQ956240 Marking of down comforter N/A

NAFTA Rulings - Valuation

HQ545635 RVC, Net cost, Total Cost, value of materials, value of indirect materials (A-509) 11/29/94
HQ545635 RVC, net cost, value of materials, customs value, value of indirect materials (A-509) 11/29/94
HQ545675 RVC, net cost, total cost (A-509) 4/28/95
HQ545676 RVC; Accumulation; Material used in the production of a material; net cost incurred by the producer of a material (A-509) 1/20/95
HQ545680 RVC; net cost, shipping tubs & pallets, value packing materials & containers disregarded for purposed of determining whether good satisfies RVC requirements (A-509) 7/31/95
HQ545693 Looseleaf binders; RVC; Net cost 9/29/94
HQ545727 8708; RVC; Net cost (A-509) 12/22/94
HQ545963 De Minimis (A-509) 5/25/95
HQ545974 Exception to the change in tariff classification (A-509) 5/4/95
HQ546009 Net cost, accumulation, materials used in production, wire harnesses (A-509) 12/4/95
HQ546055 De Minimis (A-509) 7/14/95
HQ546079 Exception to change in tariff shift rule not satisfied; parts; RVC 11/22/95
HQ546158 RVC; Net cost; accumulation (A-509) 6/13/96
HQ546373 Intermediate materials; RVC; Net cost (A-509) 5/21/96


NAFTA Rulings - Miscellaneous

HQ225353 Unused merchandise; drawback; inventory of fungible goods 7/15/94
HQ225368 Article303.6(b) NAFTA, T.I.B., F.T.Z. 2/1/95
HQ225410 Date of entry; I.D.; Quota; NAFTA 9/20/94
HQ225569 Export documents; drawback claim 1//11/95
HQ225755 Unused merchandise; drawback; exports to NAFTA countries 12/4/95
HQ225891 Commingles Petroleum products; GN17, use of average inventory method to segregate dutiable and non-dutiable goods 2/23/96
HQ225903 Dutiable status of articles made in FTZ & returned to the U.S. 1/9/95
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