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Statement from CBP Acting Commissioner Troy Miller

Release Date
Thu, 05/11/2023

WASHINGTON – U.S. Customs and Border Protection Acting Commissioner Troy Miller issued the following statement today:

“Earlier this year, the United States announced parole processes for Venezuelans, Cubans, Haitians, and Nicaraguans, which provide individuals with safe and orderly pathways to access the United States, and imposes consequences for those who do not use them.

“As announced on May 2, in partnership with the Government of Mexico, we are continuing these parole processes. The Mexican Government has reiterated its commitment to accepting 30,000 nationals from Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, and Nicaragua per month who have entered the United States unlawfully between the ports of entry once the Title 42 public health Order lifts. Migrants who enter the United States unlawfully by crossing the Southwest Border, and not via a lawful pathway, will be returned to Mexico and may be transported away from Mexico’s northern border to locations in southern Mexico.

“As we have said many times, the border is not open to irregular migration. Individuals should not put their lives in the hand of smugglers, only to face steep consequences, including at least a five-year bar on reentry and potential criminal prosecution for repeated attempts to enter unlawfully, and be sent back.”

Last Modified: Jan 04, 2024