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Migrant Dies After he is Located in Medical Distress near Lukeville, Arizona

Release Date
Tue, 09/05/2023
Tucson, Ariz.
For More Information
Rob Daniels 520-904-2510

On Thursday, August 17, 2023, at approximately 2:58 p.m., Border Patrol agents assigned to the Ajo, Arizona, Border Patrol Station Tactical Operations Center broadcasted via service radio that camera operators observed a large group of suspected undocumented migrants entering the United States from Mexico, east of the Lukeville, Arizona, Port of Entry. Border Patrol agents acknowledged the transmission and responded to the area. 

A Border Patrol agent transmitted over the radio at approximately 3:02 p.m. that he was on scene and one male migrant was in medical distress. The agent requested assistance from any available emergency medical services personnel, to include air ambulance flight services. Border Patrol agents moved the man approximately two feet into a shaded area and poured water on him to cool him down.  

Border Patrol agents notified the Tactical Operations Center at approximately 3:05 p.m. that the migrant in distress was an older male, later identified as a citizen of Bangladesh, who was struggling to breathe. Agents broadcasted over the service radio at approximately 3:08 p.m., that they had initiated cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the man.  

Border Patrol agents performed CPR until a Border Patrol paramedic arrived on scene and attached an Automated External Defibrillator to the man. Agents reported the defibrillator recommended delivering one shock, which the agents administered before continuing CPR. 

The Tactical Operations Center dispatch operators advised Border Patrol agents at approximately 3:15 p.m. that the air ambulance request was denied due to inclement weather. A supervisory Border Patrol agent arrived on scene at approximately 3:17 p.m. and requested the status of the EMS response. Tactical Operations Center personnel informed the supervisory agent that EMS personnel had been dispatched from Why, Arizona, approximately fifteen minutes prior.  

The supervisory Border Patrol agent broadcasted over the service radio at approximately 3:32 p.m. that agents were in consultation with medical personnel regarding the status of the migrant. The Border Patrol paramedic on scene contacted medical personnel at the Saint Mary’s Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona, and informed them of the man’s medical condition.  

A medical center physician telephonically declared the man deceased at 3:34 p.m. Tactical Operations Center personnel notified Border Patrol agents at approximately 3:44 p.m. that Pima County Sheriff's Office deputies were responding to the scene. Deputies arrived on scene at approximately 4:37 p.m. and took custody of the decedent.  

The Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office advised CBP Office of Professional Responsibility special agents on August 21 that they conducted an autopsy of the decedent. The results of the autopsy will be furnished by that office when available. 

This incident is under review by the Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office and CBP OPR. The Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General was also notified. 



Last Modified: Jan 04, 2024