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Despite COVID-19 Risks, Cases of Migrants Crammed in Tractor-Trailers Dangerously Increase

Release Date
Mon, 09/21/2020

Central American Migrant Testimonial Reveal Smugglers’ Inhumanity

WASHINGTON—Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and implementation of several travel restrictions to prevent the spread of the disease, human smugglers continue to place migrants in harm’s way. Commercial tractor-trailers are the conveyance of choice to smuggle large numbers of people into the United States. Migrants are exposed to these dangers by smugglers who know the life-threatening journey will be in vain given increased border enforcement and partnerships with affected governments. 

Tractor-trailer 1
On June 29, Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents discovered 66 individuals inside the trailer and cabin of a tractor-trailer at the Interstate (I-35) checkpoint. The individuals were nationals of Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Brazil, all illegally present in the United States.

In the midst of COVID-19 spread, ruthless human smugglers continue to expose migrants to the deadly virus by forcing them to travel inside crowded trailers, with no ventilation, no water and no food for hours, even days. The tractor-trailer is the final trap of their 1,600 mile treacherous journey from Central America to the United States.

Tractor-trailer 2
On July 13, Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents found
35 individuals inside a trailer while conducting an
immigration inspection at the U.S. Highway 83
checkpoint north of Laredo. The inside trailer
temperature was recorded at 126.1 degrees
Fahrenheit at the time the individuals were
discovered. The individuals were nationals
of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and
El Salvador, all illegally present in the United States.
All migrants were provided with facemasks by CBP
to help protect them from further exposure to COVID-19.

The Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley (RGV) and Laredo (LRT) sectors in Texas have traditionally been the hot spot for tractor-trailers loaded with migrants. In fiscal year 2020 through August, these two sectors have seen more than 226 tractor-trailer cases, with 3,740 individuals discovered concealed in these dangerous and life threating conditions. Just for LRT this represents a 37 percent increase from the same period in fiscal year 2019.

“Smugglers are unscrupulous criminals and will stop at nothing to enrich their pockets, even if it involves locking human beings in trailers intended for animals,” said Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark A. Morgan. “They treat illegal aliens as a commodity, inhumanely holding them captive in overcrowded stash houses with limited access to food and water.”

In a video testimonial previously released, a young Central American mother, whose identity is protected, describes her frightening experience, “you suffer a lot, and you encounter people that try to sexually abuse you. Sometimes you travel in tractor-trailer boxes unable to breathe. At the end of it all, nothing was like they say it would be.”

Tractor-trailer 3
On July 24, Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents found 37
individuals locked inside the livestock trailer with no means
of escape. The apprehended individuals were found to be
illegally present in the United States from the countries
of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

She is an anonymous voice of thousands of Central American migrants, including unaccompanied children, who in recent years have endured a myriad of atrocities, sexual abuse, extortion, assault, kidnapping and exploitation in the hands of coyotes or human smugglers.

Smugglers may demand from $6,000 to upwards of $12,000 per person to smuggle individuals into the United States via tractor-trailers. Beyond the financial losses that migrants will never recover, entrusting a smuggler comes with the potential cost of their lives. Never has that been truer than during the global pandemic.

These smugglers often pack their human cargo into dangerously hot, crowded trailers and typically with no means of escape.  Border Patrol agents often find human remains or encounter lost migrants who are ill, injured, or abandoned by smugglers who are backed by cartels and other criminal enterprises.  These smuggling tactics increase the risk of COVID-19 infection among aliens and others.

The message is clear, do not trust human smugglers, and do not endanger your lives and the lives of your loved ones by embarking on the dangerous journey to the United States in vain.

Smuggling is a multibillion-dollar industry that only enriches criminal organizations, that, after extracting every dollar they can, are indifferent to your inevitable removal from the United States, but hoping you come back to provide another paycheck.

“Migrants should never risk their lives or waste their life savings by paying their hard-earned money to smugglers who have no regard for human life by attempting the long and dangerous journey to the U.S.,” said Rodney Scott, Chief of the United States Border Patrol.

VIDEO: Central American Migrant Video Testimonial


Last Modified: Oct 07, 2022