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CBP Surpasses 10 Million TTP Members

Release Date
Fri, 04/29/2022

WASHINGTON – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Trusted Traveler Programs topped 10 million total members during the month of March, and is expected to receive 3.5 million applications for this fiscal year, the most the program has ever received in one year.

Nearly 8 million of these memberships are part of the Global Entry program, which is available at 61 U.S. airports and 15 international Preclearance locations. A portion of the membership is also made up of citizens from the program’s 13 partner countries.

“In addition to the 13, we have four countries that are currently participating in pilot programs, which are initiatives that we hope to move toward full partnerships in the future,” said Michael Millich, Director, CBP Trusted Traveler Programs. “Global Entry offers members many benefits, and it’s certainly something international travelers eligible for the program should consider.”

Along with this milestone, CBP continues to address the backlog of applicants since its five-month closure in March 2020.

“We have had a large demand for TTP enrollment, especially over the past several months, and we’ve identified different solutions to try to address this,” Millich said.

Part of these solutions is offering in-person interviews at TTP enrollment centers located in the United States. Conditionally approved first-time Global Entry applicants may continue to schedule in-person interviews at enrollment centers through their TTP dashboard or take advantage of the Enrollment on Arrival option, which CBP now offers to arriving international passengers at 65 airports. Applicants must comply with the local COVID-19 health and safety guidelines when completing in-person enrollment interviews. Some renewing members may also opt for scheduling remote interviews through their TTP dashboard.

Trusted Traveler Programs support CBP’s mission of securing U.S. borders while facilitating lawful travel and trade. These innovative programs allow pre-approved, low-risk travelers to bypass traditional CBP entry inspection lines and receive expedited processing when entering the United States.

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Last Modified: May 20, 2022