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  4. CBP releases body-worn camera footage from man found unresponsive in Laredo, Texas I-35 checkpoint detention cell

CBP releases body-worn camera footage from man found unresponsive in Laredo, Texas I-35 checkpoint detention cell

Release Date
Thu, 03/21/2024

U.S. Customs and Border Protection released body-worn camera footage today from an incident where a man was found unresponsive at the I-35 checkpoint in Laredo, Texas, on Feb. 17, 2024. The video may be viewed on CBP’s Body-Worn Camera Video Releases webpage here .  Additional information on this in-custody death  can be found  in a CBP Media Release.

This incident was captured on agents’ body worn cameras. That footage is being released today, in compliance with CBP policy and the May 25, 2022, Executive Order on Advancing Effective Accountable Policing and Criminal Justice Practices to Enhance Public Trust and Public Safety.

On February 17, 2024, at approximately 6:45 p.m., a red tractor trailer semi-truck arrived at the U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint located on Interstate 35 (I-35) approximately 25 miles north of Laredo, Texas. A USBP K-9 alerted to the semi-truck as it arrived at the primary inspection area. At approximately 6:46 p.m., Border Patrol agents searched the vehicle and discovered seven undocumented noncitizens hidden inside the cab.

After detaining and processing the driver at the checkpoint, staff found the driver unresponsive in a cell. Emergency medical services were requested and he was later determined to have deceased. Footage related to this incident was captured on multiple body worn cameras; however, the video recording system at the Border Patrol checkpoint was not fully functioning at the time of the incident.

Webb County Medical Examiner’s Office personnel conducted an autopsy on February 19, 2023.  The Webb County Sheriff’s Office, Webb County Medical Examiner’s Office and CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility are investigating this incident. The Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General was notified.

CBP’s prompt public release of this footage is in keeping with our commitment to accountability and transparency. This includes our ongoing work to deploy body-worn camera systems to all frontline personnel except for those who work in areas already covered by other camera systems, such as processing facilities, ports of entry, or aboard aircrafts.

CBP is committed to being a leader in law enforcement accountability and transparency. The agency constantly works to ensure that all employees understand and maintain the highest level of professional standards in their interactions with those they apprehend consistent with law enforcement standards of performance and conduct. CBP strives to be as transparent as possible regarding the release of investigative information to the public through its annual Report on Internal Investigations and Employee Accountability. CBP continually reviews its training, policies and procedures while engaging with subject matter experts to ensure training reflects law enforcement best practices. 


Last Modified: Mar 22, 2024