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CBP Announces Solicitation for NII Anomaly Detection Algorithm

Release Date
Fri, 04/14/2023

WASHINGTON—U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced today a solicitation for Non-Intrusive Inspection Anomaly Detection Algorithm solutions to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of inspections.

ADA solutions will provide computer-assisted analysis of NII images and other data that will allow for an increase in the thoroughness of inspections, reduce the time needed to conduct review of low-risk trade and travel, and support the analysis of complex inspections by CBP officers while minimizing human labor demands.

Through the Department of Homeland Security’s Commercial Solutions Opening process, the acquisition will be conducted through a multi-phased solicitation and evaluation approach, including submission and evaluation of a written solution brief, which could conclude with a request for a full proposal.

CBP’s goal for ADA solutions is to provide automated conveyance inspection processes, including identifying anomalies, commodities, and conveyance modifications, highlighting regions of interest, validating manifests, and catching human smuggling attempts.

CSO solicitation for solutions briefs is not a guarantee that award and obligation of funds will be made. The costs incurred by companies in the preparation and submission of their solutions briefs in response to this solicitation will not be paid by the government. All potential award recipients must be registered in the System for Award Management. Interested vendors will have an opportunity to submit questions during the final solicitation period. The NII ADA solicitation is available at Multiple awards are intended to be made in Fiscal Years 2023 and 2024.

Last Modified: Apr 14, 2023