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U.S. Border Patrol Agents Rescue Distressed Immigrant

Release Date
Fri, 06/22/2018

ALAMOGORDO, NM — A “911” call from a man in distress riding on top of a train alerted the U.S. Border Patrol to deploy all their efforts to save his life.

During morning hours on Thursday, U.S. Border Patrol agents responded to an area where they viewed an oncoming train, and detected a man on top of the train making hand gestures.  Agents successfully communicated with the train’s engineer who was able to perform an emergency stop.

U. S. Border Patrol agents helped a 34-year-old male Mexican National from the top of the train car. Agents discovered the man in distress had suffered an injury to his ankle. The subject also complained about pain to his ribcage and indicated he had injured himself attempting to get on the train in El Paso. 

Agents medically assessed the subject and provided him with initial treatment for a suspected broken ankle. An ambulance transported him to Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center where was provided additional medical attention and cleared for travel and was incarcerated.

The subject admitted to agents that he had illegally entered the United States on June 20 in El Paso, Texas.

U.S. Border Patrol Agents actively train to save lives and are readily available to deploy all of their assets and abilities to any emergent situation.

During fiscal year 2018, U.S. Border Patrol Agents in the El Paso Sector have rescued 26 immigrants in distress, and have witnessed zero immigrant deaths.

Last Modified: Feb 03, 2021