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Minnesota State Patrol Moves into U.S. Border Patrol Facility

Release Date
Wed, 10/27/2010

International Falls, Minn. - The Minnesota State Patrol (MSP) has accepted an invitation to move into the new U.S. Border Patrol facility located in International Falls. MSP was previously located in the basement of an old state-owned building that is being sold. The Border Patrol recently relocated to a new facility and has been operating out of it since July 2010.

The new facility will allow MSP to house four patrolmen including two K-9 handlers. The building provides agents and officers with indoor parking for their patrol vehicles, office space, dog kennels, and a workout area.

This is the first occurrence in the nation where U. S. Border Patrol agents and State Police officers will work out of the same facility. In doing so, agents and officers will have immediate access to share law enforcement intelligence, assist each other in protecting the public, plus provide one another with sufficient backup for officer safety.

"The two agencies have always worked closely with one other, but this really shows the strong partnership that exists between the U. S Border Patrol and Minnesota State Patrol," said Patrol Agent in Charge Timothy MacKay.

Each department has a different phone number. The Border Patrol office phone number is (218) 285-3423. The Minnesota State Patrol office phone number is (218) 283-9194.

Last Modified: Feb 03, 2021