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A Heroic Action by An Off-Duty Laredo Sector Border Patrol Agent Prevents Tragedy

Release Date: 
September 9, 2021

LAREDO, Texas – The heroic action by an off-duty Laredo Sector Border Patrol agent prevented a tragedy from occurring in San Antonio, Texas.

During the late afternoon of September 8, an off-duty Border Patrol Agent witnessed an armed subject destroying property in a parking lot in San Antonio, Texas. Immediately the agent notified San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) of the occurrence. The perpetrator began firing rounds aimlessly in the parking lot, causing chaos with the surrounding civilians.

The agent began to clear people from the scene and out of harm’s way. He then identified himself as a U.S. Border Patrol Agent and was able to deescalate the individual’s actions.  The agent contained the armed subject until SAPD arrived on scene.  SAPD arrested the individual without further incident.

Border Patrol agents, without regard for their own safety, risk their lives to save others. Were it not for this off-duty agent’s heroic act, the outcome of this event could have been disastrous.

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Last modified: 
November 22, 2021