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Del Rio Sector Border Patrol Aids in Hurricane Harvey Relief

Release Date

DEL RIO, TexasU.S. Border Patrol agents from Del Rio Sector are assisting in rescue efforts in the Houston area, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

“We are deploying to the hurricane-stricken area to join local, state and federal partners,” said Acting Chief Patrol Agent Matthew J. Hudak, Del Rio Sector. “Our agents possess unique training and skillsets necessary in times of natural disaster.”

On Aug. 25, as Hurricane Harvey approached Texas, Del Rio Sector agents were preparing to travel to the Gulf Coast with emergency supplies and equipment. On Aug. 26, 25 agents from Del Rio Sector’s Special Operations Detachment were on the road along with their Zodiac rescue boats, shallow draft vessels, assorted personal watercraft, a mobile command center, and rescue equipment. The SOD agents arrived at the staging area near Houston shortly after midnight. SOD teams are equipped to execute swift water rescues and other lifesaving operations.

On the morning of Aug. 28, three waves of Del Rio Sector marine personnel - a total of 26 agents, along with 12 vessels - set out for the Houston area to assist in the rescue and extraction efforts.

Del Rio Sector agents continue to maintain a full enforcement posture throughout the duration of the emergency deployment.

The Del Rio Border Patrol Sector is part of the Joint Task Force-West South Texas Corridor, which leverages federal, state and local resources to combat transnational criminal organizations. To report suspicious activity, call the Del Rio Sector’s toll free number at 1-866-511-8727.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021