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Continued Law Enforcement Collaboration Halts a Unique Human Smuggling Attempt

Release Date
Fri, 02/26/2021

LAREDO, Texas – Border Patrol agents assigned to the Laredo South Station, with collaboration from Laredo Police Department (LPD) and Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), halted a unique human smuggling attempt that involved an ice cream truck in south Laredo.

human smuggling attempt in ice cream truck
Human smuggling attempt in ice cream truck.

The incident occurred in the early evening of February 24, when agents observed individuals getting into several vehicles to include an ice cream vendor truck. Agents requested assistance from LPD and DPS and together they were able to apprehend 17 individuals in relation to the truck. All the people found inside including the driver and passenger, both United States citizens, were arrested.

The individuals who were in the United States illegally, from the countries of Guatemala and Mexico were taken into custody pending further investigation. None of the individuals were wearing any personal protective equipment (PPE). All subjects were provided PPE and were medically evaluated for their safety. U.S. Border Patrol seized the ice cream truck.

This is another example of the lack of regard human smugglers have for those they exploit for profit and the lack of respect for the communities in which they live. Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents will continue to work with our local law enforcement partners to interdict human smuggling attempts and bring to justice those responsible as they strive to uphold the agency’s Core Values of Vigilance, Service, and Integrity.

Laredo Sector requests the help of the community to help us make our communities a safer place to live. If you see something, please say something. To report suspicious activity such as alien and/or drug smuggling, download the “USBP Laredo Sector” App or contact the Laredo Sector Border Patrol toll free at 1-800-343-1994.


Last Modified: May 31, 2023