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CBP seizes 280 unsafe toddler travel beds and baby playpens

Release Date
Thu, 03/14/2024
Houston, Texas
For More Information
Rusty Payne (202) 510-4963

HOUSTON- U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) today announced the seizure of 280 toddler travel beds and baby playpens for Consumer Product Safety Act violations.  The China-based shipment was appraised at a domestic value of about $11,000. 

Upon inspection, CBP officers from the Houston Seaport Trade Enforcement Team seized 88 toddler travel beds and 192 baby playpens for safety violations of infant sleep products and infant play yards. All items were seized under 19 USC 1595a(c)(2)(A) for violation of 15 USC 2068 Consumer Product Safety Act and 15 USC 2063(a)(5) for tracking labels.

“At the core of CBP’s mission is protecting the American people and ensuring the safety of imported products,” said Roderick Hudson, Area Port Director for the Houston/Galveston Seaport.  “Our team is highly trained and experienced.  The work they carry out each day keeps consumers safe.”

“Our partnership with Customs and Border Protection is a critical piece in protecting consumers by stopping hazardous products before they end up on store shelves or in consumers’ homes,” said Jim Joholske, Director, Office of Import Surveillance for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.  “We look forward to the ongoing partnership with our colleagues at CBP to advance our shared mission to enforce product safety laws at all ports of entry.”

CBP referred the seizure to Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) for further investigation.

Import Safety is a CBP priority and is designed to ensure that unsafe products do not enter the United States. CBP remains committed to working collaboratively and collectively with partner government agencies, other foreign governments, and the trade industry to better define and assess risk. We do this through increased automation, the sharing of information, and an emphasis on partnerships and best practices to help protect the U.S. consumer.

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Last Modified: Mar 14, 2024