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CBP Officer Awarded for Rendering Life-Saving First Aid

Release Date
Thu, 12/20/2018
CBP Officer Daina Lambert accepts an award for her heroism during a multi-car accident.
CBP Officer Daina Lambert accepts an
award for saving a woman's life during
a multi-car accident in Georgia.

BRUNSWICK, GA. – A U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer was awarded the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) Director's Life Saving Award for her rapid actions in saving a woman’s life during a recent multi-car collision on Interstate 95 in Georgia. 

The ceremony was held Wednesday at the CBP Field Operations Academy in Brunswick, Georgia.

While off duty during a rainy night in early November, CBP officer Daina Lambert was traveling on I-95 when she witnessed the collision involving two cars and a tractor-trailer. She immediately left her vehicle and rendered lifesaving aid by applying direct pressure to the head wound of a woman who was trapped in her vehicle under a tractor trailer. She successfully slowed the bleeding until emergency personnel arrived and further assessed the accident scene, relaying vital information to emergency services, which enabled a coordinated and timely response to the accident. 

“Officer Lambert is a shining example of the dedication our CBP officers exemplify as they use their critical training and skills to safeguard human life,” said Christopher Holtzer, CBP Field Operations Academy Director.

Responding Georgia State Trooper Ricardo Carrasquillo credited Officer Lambert not only with her vital response, but also with providing crucial on-scene testimony that identified the impaired driver who caused the collision. The driver was later charged with Driving Under the Influence.

Officer Lambert attributed her rapid response directly to her CBP Academy training, which enabled her to assess the incident and render lifesaving aid until more trained personnel arrived on the scene.

FLETC trains the majority of federal officers and agents in the United States. In addition to providing training for over 90 federal partner organizations, FLETC also provides training to state, local, tribal and international police in selected advanced programs; graduating more than 70,000 students annually. FLETC is the largest law enforcement training organization in the country, headquartered on a 1,600-acre campus at Glynco, near Brunswick.

Last Modified: Feb 03, 2021