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CBP Asks for Public Cooperation During "Eclipse Weekend" in Maine

Release Date
Tue, 04/02/2024
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Anticipating a large influx of tourists, CBP asks that individuals stay clear of Border Areas.

HOULTON, Maine – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) - comprised of Border Patrol, the Office of Field Operations, and Air and Marine Operations - requests public assistance during “Eclipse Weekend” to ensure safety and uninhibited CBP mission capability. Individuals accidentally entering ports of entry or illegally crossing between ports of entry will cause significant delays in processing and an overextension of CBP resources.

U.S. Border Patrol’s Houlton Sector, which encompasses the State of Maine, is responsible for securing the international border between legal ports of entry. Tourists unfamiliar with the area are advised that crossing the international border between Canada and the United States, even accidentally, is illegal. Penalties for crossing the border between legal ports of entry include being fined or imprisoned for up to six months or both.

“It is Border Patrol’s mission to ensure the safety of our Nation by reducing the likelihood of dangerous individuals from entering the United States between legal ports of entry,” said Juan Bernal, Chief Patrol Agent for Houlton Sector. “Any incidents occurring at the international border, causing our agents to respond, may take away from our mission focus and our ability to keep everyone safe,” he added.

CBP’s Office of Field Operations (OFO) is the largest component of CBP. It is responsible for border security and facilitating lawful trade and travel at U.S. ports of entry. Representatives from OFO warn that entering ports of entry without the proper paperwork will cause delays in travel and entry into the United States.

CBP requests that individuals attending local events stay within appropriate viewing areas like those suggested by the Aroostook County Tourism Council.

For more on Customs and Border Protection's mission at our nation's ports of entry with CBP officers and along U.S. borders with Border Patrol agents, please visit the Border Security section of the CBP website.

Last Modified: Apr 08, 2024