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CBP Announces Change in I-94 Permit Application Process for Travelers at Tecate Port of Entry

Release Date
Wed, 03/06/2019

TECATE, Calif.  — CBP officials at the Tecate port of entry are advising that the I-94 travel permit application process will change in the near future.  Citizens of Mexico who require I-94 travel permits will only be allowed to obtain the document at the port’s pedestrian facility. 

“We are streamlining the I-94 process in order to provide a more efficient, and systematic procedure at the Tecate port of entry,” said Tecate Port Director, Rene Ortega. “By relocating this service to the secondary pedestrian office, we can expect to reduce congestion within the port’s limited  vehicle secondary lot and this will expand our operational flexibility.  Starting, Monday, March 25, travelers will be required to leave their vehicles in Mexico and enter the facility by walking through the pedestrian area in order to apply for an I-94 travel document.  Travelers with special needs or who are elderly will still be able to obtain travel permits at the vehicle secondary lot.”

Port officials plan to shift the vast majority of I-94 permit applications from the vehicle secondary inspection lot to the secondary pedestrian office in an effort to provide better service, and reduce safety issues due to the lack of sufficient parking area in the vehicle secondary lot.

CBP officers at the Tecate border crossing, on average, process 184 permits per day.  The essential permit allows visitors to travel 25 miles from the border or visit the U.S. for more than 30-days.

For a faster, more convenient method to apply for an I-94, travelers may utilize the online I-94 application process by visiting   This can be completed up to seven days prior to their entry and travelers must make entry within those seven days to finalize their application.

All traveling family members need to be present during the I-94 application process.  Those requesting the permits must be able to establish financial solvency and proof of residency outside the U.S., and must demonstrate that they have sufficiently strong ties to their country of origin, including a primary residence abroad they do not intend to abandon. Applicants who present a border crossing card are not eligible to work or permanently reside in the United States.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2024