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Border Patrol’s Swanton Sector Apprehensions & Encounters Reach Historic Highs

Release Date
Mon, 02/13/2023
For More Information / (202) 945-7368

SWANTON, Vt. – U.S. Border Patrol's (BP) Swanton Sector recorded 367 apprehensions and encounters during January of fiscal year 2023 (FY23.) Despite area temperatures reaching -4 degrees Fahrenheit, January's total surpassed the preceding January apprehensions for the past 12 years combined (Total: 344.) Prior to January, Swanton Sector experienced an uninterrupted 7-month streak of sustained encounter increases—part of an upward trend dating back to the beginning of FY22.

Fiscal year-to-Date (October 1, 2022, to January 31, 2023) data demonstrates an approximate 846% increase in encounters and apprehensions compared to the same period of FY22. FY23's total apprehensions and encounters have already surpassed FY22 and FY21 combined.

Despite sub-freezing temperatures, Swanton Sector continues encountering family groups with young children, including infants, illegally crossing from Canada into the U.S. In December 2022, Border Patrol Agents led search-and-rescue efforts, providing life-saving aid in separate incidents occurring in Newport, VT, and Burke, NY. These incidents demonstrate BP Agents' priority to preserve life, even at the risk of jeopardizing their own safety.

"As we progress deeper into winter and continue to address the ongoing pace of illicit cross-border traffic, the level of concern for the lives and welfare of our Border Patrol Agents and those we are encountering - particularly vulnerable populations - continues to climb," said Swanton Sector Chief Patrol Agent Robert N. Garcia. "It cannot be stressed enough: not only is it unlawful to circumvent legal means of entry into the United States, but it is extremely dangerous, particularly in adverse weather conditions, which our Swanton Sector has in incredible abundance," he added.

For more on Customs and Border Protection's mission at our nation's ports of entry with CBP officers and along U.S. borders with Border Patrol agents, please visit the Border Security section of the CBP website.


Last Modified: Oct 03, 2023