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Border Patrol Partners with Marine Corps to Rescue Six in Distress

Release Date
Thu, 06/28/2018

YUMA, Ariz. – Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Wellton Station and Special Operations Detachment joined forces with the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma Search and Rescue Unit to rescue six illegal aliens in distress near the Mohawk Mountains Tuesday.

At approximately 7:12 a.m., Wellton Station agents responded to a call for assistance from six subjects. Agents in the area located three of the six persons at the base of the Mohawk Mountains.

Three others were located on a high mountain peak.

Yuma Sector Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue agents responded and medically evaluated those found, treating them for dehydration. Identifying a need for airlift, agents called Marine Corps Air Station Yuma for assistance. One individual was transported to a local hospital for additional medical treatment.

The six men, from Mexico and Honduras, are now safe, and will be processed for illegal entry into the United States. 

Rescues increase each summer as the U.S. Border Patrol conducts its federal law enforcement mission.  Apprehensions become life-saving endeavors for the agents responding to those in need, found in distress, contacting 911 or hitting one of numerous rescue beacons. Persons considering crossing the U.S. border illegally should be aware that this decision is more than criminal, it could be deadly. In remote areas, it can take days or weeks of walking to reach any form of civilization. 

Yuma Sector’s Special Operations Detachment is comprised of certified special operations agents from the Special Operations Group; the Border Patrol Search Trauma & Rescue Unit; and the Border Patrol Tactical Unit. Agents assigned to this unit undergo a difficult training regimen before becoming a certified SOD agent.

Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents effectively combat smuggling organizations attempting to illegally transport people and contraband through southwestern Arizona and California. Citizens can help the Border Patrol and U.S. Customs and Border Protection by calling 1-866-999-8727 toll-free to report suspicious activity. Callers can remain anonymous.

Last Modified: Feb 03, 2021