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Border Patrol Highlights Heat Related Dangers

Release Date
Thu, 06/10/2021

TUCSON, Ariz. – With forecasted high temperatures well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, U.S. Border Patrol in Tucson Sector urges those crossing the border to not wait before it’s too late, call 9-1-1 and live to see another day.

The desert is vast, and it is treacherous. When you cross illegally, you put your life in incredible peril.

In order to avoid death or risk of permanent injury from severe dehydration, a person walking across the Arizona desert in the heat of the summer must consume no less than two gallons of water per day.  A gallon of water weighs over three kilos (over 8 lbs.); therefore, it is physically impossible for the average person to carry sufficient water to avoid life-threatening dehydration over the course of several days in the desert.

Migrants who are injured or become lost and who have a cell phone must call 911. This is your single best chance for being rescued. If you call anyone else, you are wasting your battery. That cell phone battery is your life. Call 911.

For more details regarding this news release, contact the Tucson Sector Public Affairs Office at or by phone at 520-748-3210. Tucson Sector is also LiveU capable. Contact us to schedule an interview.

Last Modified: Jun 10, 2021