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Border Patrol agents take life-saving action at vehicle accident

Release Date
Thu, 08/17/2023
Murrieta, CA
For More Information
(202) 344-1780

MURRIETA, Calif., — U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Newton-Azrak Station saved a woman trapped inside her smoking vehicle following a severe accident on Tuesday morning when agents encountered the accident involving two civilian vehicles at the Temecula Parkway off-ramp from north Interstate 15. One vehicle was engulfed in smoke with an unconscious woman trapped inside. The vehicle remained in drive with the tires continuing to spin after the collision.

The agents attempted to open the car doors but found them locked and broke the vehicle’s windows to access the unconscious driver. The agents gained access to the inside of the vehicle, removed the driver’s foot from the accelerator, placed the vehicle in park, and safely removed the driver from the smoking vehicle. The agents suffered scrapes, cuts, and smoke inhalation while rescuing the woman and securing the vehicle.


Event photo; description in caption.
Border Patrol agents safely extracted an unconscious woman from her smoking vehicle after it collided with another.


San Diego Sector Chief Patrol Agent Patricia McGurk-Daniel praised the agents’ actions, saying, “Our agents are heroes on a daily basis. They consistently exhibit dedication and courage beyond the call of duty, as they did during this incident. This stands as a testament to our agents’ unwavering commitment to serving our communities.”

The Riverside County Sheriff's Office and EMS arrived on scene to stabilize the woman and transport her to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

This fiscal year, San Diego Sector Border Patrol agents have responded to over 4,700 calls for help. 

Last Modified: Aug 17, 2023