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  • A Border Patrol agent holds the Silent Partner card of a fallen agent.
    Border Patrol fallen agent cards memorialize those lost in the line of duty
  • Official photo of CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus reflects on first 100 days leading the agency.
    The new commissioner lays out his vision for CBP and the relationships that will help move the agency forward
  • Two Air and Marine Operations helicopters fly over the Super Bowl stadium in 2022.
    CBP brings together a unique team to thwart any security threat at this year’s Super Bowl
  • Graphic of the U.S., Mexico and Canada flags
    How free trade agreements like USMCA protect American values while benefiting consumers and industry
  • CBP scientist and OFO officer in a lab
    How CBP’s scientists are stemming the flow of opioids and other dangerous drugs at the border
  • Graphic illustration of pentagon, stars and stripes in red, white and blue
    On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, CBP reflects on the terrorist attacks and the beginnings of our agency
  • OFO Agriculture Specialist and Biological Threat Exclusion Coordinator
    CBP’s biological threat exclusion coordinators help keep harmful microscopic materials out and safeguard America’s research secrets
  • World map background with law enforcement arresting an individual
    CBP’s role in Operation Sentinel looks to identify and disrupt the criminal organizations and their human smuggling operations
  • Illegal logging graphic
    How CBP secures the economy and protects the environment by combating entities that support illegal logging and timber trafficking worldwide
  • Composite of CBP COVID response
    How CBP met the challenges posed by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic
  • Arizona Department of Public Safety officer, above left, assists a Border Patrol agent with a medical extraction in Arizona
    CBP rescued more than 5,000 illegal aliens from callous smugglers, scorching heat, unrelenting terrain and lack of water
  • P-3 in flight
    CBP stops drug smuggling well before it reaches U.S. shores
  • Border Patrol agent flying small drone
    Border Patrol’s use of small drones is a game changer in border security
  • Photo of a stash house in Laredo
    CBP fights human smuggling and disease by shutting down filthy stash houses
  • Photo of CBP emergency medical technician students performing a class exercise
    Amid Coronavirus, CBP Emergency Medical Technicians Answer the Call for Help
  • Non Intrusive Inspections in Miami FL
    CBP steps up efforts to stop drugs at the border at a time when a pandemic is actually helping funnel smugglers to its most watched areas
  • New technology in the form of autonomous surveillance towers help Border Patrol agents stay one step ahead
    New technology in the form of autonomous surveillance towers help Border Patrol agents stay one step ahead
  • CBP Officer watches air cargo unload
    How CBP and its partners are operating full speed ahead during the pandemic
  • Marine Interdiction Agents
    CBP’s Air and Marine Operations in Caribbean is first-line defense against drugs, illegal immigration