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Am I Hurting My Partner?

Have you ever thought that you may be behaving in ways that are physically or mentally harmful to your partner?

Let’s check in with ourselves! Do you…

  • Force or attempt to force your partner to be intimate with you?
    • “Show me that you love me.”
  • Blow up in anger at small incidents or “mistakes” your partner makes?
    • “If the dishes were clean, then this would not have happened.”
  • Blame your anger on drugs, alcohol, or your partner’s actions?
    • “You got in my face and made me mad.”

Acknowledging that you may be hurting your partner is the first step in moving toward a healthier relationship.

If you recognize these behaviors in yourself or how your partner reacts, it could be a sign that you are hurting them. This can be a difficult realization to come to, but it is vital that you do so if you want to change and stop hurting your partner. By acknowledging that your actions are harmful and taking responsibility for them, you can continue to progress on the path towards correcting them and move towards a healthier relationship.


For more information, visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline or access the resources included below:


Last Modified: Nov 29, 2023
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