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CBP Backup Care Program

Life happens.  CBP understands that some things are beyond your control, leaving you in need of child, adult, elder, pet, or even self care. Help is available with the CBP Backup Care Program, allowing you to access high-quality care at a cost you can afford.  

Backup care might be needed when:

  • Your child’s school is closed
  • Your adult or eldercare arrangements fall through
  • You have an important meeting and your regular caregiver is unavailable
  • You have to travel, attend training, or work longer hours, and your care provider is unavailable or
  • You (or your pet) need help recovering from a personal illness or injury in order to return to work.

All CBP employees are eligible (no income restrictions) to take advantage of this benefit.  Backup Care gives you access to:

  • Up to 10 care visits per employee, per fiscal year, for self or dependent care (children, adults or pets)
  • Average copays of $20 per day
  • In-Network, Out-of-Network or Friends and Family options so you can use the provider of your choice
  • A national network of licensed health care agencies, providers, and care centers
  • Backup Care Specialists to help understand your options, make arrangements or prepare your loved one for any temporary changes in care
  • Same day care or temporary care scheduled up to 30 days in advance

For more information or to schedule backup care, please go to or call 1-844-222-5871.  Backup Care Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Last Modified: Sep 13, 2022
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