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Retirement Service Computation Dates

Retirement and Benefits Advisory Services (RABAS) uses your Service Computation Date (SCD) for retirement purposes to determine your creditable service in the computation of your annuity. They include:

  1. Retirement SCD
  2. Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) SCD
  3. Customs and Border Protection Officer (CBPO) SCD

Each SCD has a distinct calculation formula. Additionally, each SCD may or may not be affected by military service, leave without pay (LWOP) and/or time away from work due to an on the job injury compensable by the Office of Worker's Compensation (OWCP-LWOP).

Retirement SCD

Retirement SCD is calculated by determining all service performed as an employee of the federal government or the District of Columbia government (prior to October 1, 1987) during which retirement contributions were withheld from an employees pay. Federal government includes service in "quasi" government agencies such as TVA, early Postal Service, military and Social Security covered civilian service with some very specific exceptions and inclusions. Please contact RABAS for specific information. Separations of 3 calendar days or less between 2 periods of creditable civilian service are creditable.

SCD Changes

In certain circumstances, your SCD may be recalculated if an error is discovered in a previous calculation; based on a change of work schedule from intermittent to full or part time; or you return to duty from a non-pay status in excess of 6 months of leave without pay (LWOP) in one calendar year. Non-pay status due to Uniformed Services requires a Post-56 Military Service Deposit, otherwise, credit for Post-56 cannot be included in your SCD for retirement. Questions? Contact the CBP Processing and Servicing Center at 317-715-3000.

NOTE: LWOP due to compensable injury is fully creditable toward retirement.


LEO SCD is used to determine retirement eligibility for law enforcement personnel. It reflects civilian law enforcement service only. This service does not have to be consecutive, but must be law enforcement. Military law enforcement service is not creditable. 

NOTE: The criteria and services listed above are not all inclusive. Only RABAS can verify creditable service.


CBPO SCD is used to determine retirement eligibility for CBPOs. It reflects Civilian CBPO service only. This service does not have to be consecutive, but must be covered under the provisions of CBPO Special Retirement coverage.

NOTE: The criteria and services listed above are not all inclusive. Only RABAS can verify creditable service.

Last Modified: Sep 14, 2020
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