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CBP Reemployed Annuitants

A reemployed annuitant is a person retired under the CSRS or the FERS retirement plans whose annuity continues after he/she is reemployed by the federal government. Please note that reemployment may determine whether you will continue to receive your annuity during and after the period of reemployment. Also, reemployment may affect your health and life insurance benefits and any future retirement annuity payable to you on the basis of reemployment. 

When you leave federal service as a reemployed annuitant, you can keep insurance you acquired because of the re-employment appointment if:

  • You qualify for a supplemental annuity or you qualify for a new annuity; and
  • You have had the insurance (and the number of multiples) as an employee (including the time as a reemployed annuitant) for at least the five years of service immediately preceding your separation from the reemployment or, if less than five years, for all periods of service during which you were eligible for the insurance.

If you keep insurance you acquired during reemployment, the suspended insurance of the same type terminates.

As a reemployed annuitant, you can earn either a supplemental annuity or a redetermined annuity upon separation.

  • A supplemental annuity is added to your present annuity. If you work as a reemployed annuitant on a full-time, continuous basis for at least one year, you may be entitled to a supplemental annuity. If you work part-time, you must work a proportionately longer period to earn a supplemental annuity.
  • A redetermined annuity is recomputed and replaces your present annuity. If your reemployment continues for at least five years, or the part-time equivalent, you may elect a redetermined annuity.

Intermittent service cannot be counted in establishing eligibility for a supplemental or redetermined annuity and cannot be used in the computation of a supplemental annuity. If you die while reemployed, after becoming eligible for either a supplemental or redetermined annuity, your surviving spouse may have his or her survivor benefit either increased or recomputed.

If you have questions about how reemployed annuitant service will impact your retirement and/or benefits, visit the Retirement and Benefits Portal or contact Retirement and Benefits Advisory Services (RABAS) at 202-325-6180.

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2021
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