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Entry Summary Acceptance and Reject Process

Once Trade transmits the Entry Summary and it passes ACE validations, ACE assigns a control status indicator to the record to control modifications made to the transaction.

Once ACE accepts the transmission the control status remains in Trade control and the filer can delete the Entry Summary record, remove the Entry Summary from a daily statement or reschedule the Entry Summary on a future daily statement.

If a census warning occurs when the filer is transmitting the Entry Summary, the filer may correct or override the Census Warning and retransmit.

Control status types and trade action conditions include:

  • Trade-The Entry Summary has been accepted in ACE and has not generated on a statement.
  • CBP-The Entry Summary has been accepted in ACE and has generated on a statement.

Filers have the ability to change ACE Entry Summary data until the Entry Summary status is updated to Paid.

ACE entry summary must be paid via statement processing or single pay.

When an Entry Summary is rejected by CBP and there is additional payment due, payment cannot be made via ACH (Automated Clearinghouse).

The filer will receive a notification message that the Entry Summary was rejected.  Rejected Entry Summaries must be returned to CBP in valid status with payment (if applicable) within (2) working days from the date of rejection.

Generally, the filer has (2) working days to resubmit an Entry Summary after the day of reject.  However, if the Entry Summary was initially submitted to CBP and rejected before the 10th day of the filing period, the filer has the remainder of the 10th working day period to resubmit the Entry Summary but not less than (2) working days to resubmit.

With the exception of AD/CVD; the time period for rejecting AD/CVD entry summaries has extended from 90 days to 300 days with supervisory approval.  

The trade is required to pay additional duties after an AD/CVD rejection upon re-submission of the entry summary on the 10th day. 

Last modified: 
September 10, 2018