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Locate a CBPO Recruiter

An OFO Recruiter can answer your questions about a career with CBP and help you start the application process.

State Field Office Recruiter Email
Alabama New Orleans ian.fields@cbp.dhs.gov
Alaska San Francisco vanessa.m.butler@cbp.dhs.gov
Arizona Tucson cbp-recruiter-tucson@cbp.dhs.gov
Arkansas New Orleans ian.fields@cbp.dhs.gov
California (Northern) San Francisco vanessa.m.butler@cbp.dhs.gov
California (Los Angeles area) Los Angeles cbprecruiterslosangeles@cbp.dhs.gov
California (San Diego area) San Diego cbprecruiterssandiego@cbp.dhs.gov
California (Calexico area) San Diego cbprecruiterscalexico@cbp.dhs.gov
Colorado San Francisco vanessa.m.butler@cbp.dhs.gov
Connecticut Boston bforecruitment@cbp.dhs.gov
Delaware Baltimore baltimore-recruitment@cbp.dhs.gov
District of Columbia Baltimore baltimore-recruitment@cbp.dhs.gov
Florida (Northern) Tampa cbpfloridarecruitment@cbp.dhs.gov
Florida (Southern) Miami cbpfloridarecruitment@cbp.dhs.gov
Georgia Atlanta juan.r.gomez@cbp.dhs.gov
Hawaii San Francisco vanessa.m.butler@cbp.dhs.gov
Idaho Seattle michael.e.brydie@cbp.dhs.gov
Idaho (Southern) San Francisco vanessa.m.butler@cbp.dhs.gov
Illinois Chicago anye.whyte@cbp.dhs.gov 
Indiana Chicago anye.whyte@cbp.dhs.gov 
Iowa Chicago anye.whyte@cbp.dhs.gov 
Kansas Chicago anye.whyte@cbp.dhs.gov 
Kentucky Chicago anye.whyte@cbp.dhs.gov 
Louisiana New Orleans ian.fields@cbp.dhs.gov
Maine Boston bforecruitment@cbp.dhs.gov
Maryland Baltimore baltimore-recruitment@cbp.dhs.gov
Massachusetts Boston bforecruitment@cbp.dhs.gov
Michigan Detroit joseph.l.bazner@cbp.dhs.gov
Minnesota (Northern) Seattle michael.e.brydie@cbp.dhs.gov
Minnesota (Southern) Chicago anye.whyte@cbp.dhs.gov 
Mississippi New Orleans ian.fields@cbp.dhs.gov
Missouri Chicago anye.whyte@cbp.dhs.gov 
Montana Seattle michael.e.brydie@cbp.dhs.gov
Nebraska Chicago anye.whyte@cbp.dhs.gov 
Nevada San Francisco vanessa.m.butler@cbp.dhs.gov
Nevada (Las Vegas) Los Angeles cbprecruiterslosangeles@cbp.dhs.gov
New Hampshire Boston tod.g.phillabaum@cbp.dhs.gov
New Jersey (Northern) New York oforecruiters-newyorkfieldoffice@cbp.dhs.gov
New Jersey (Southern) Baltimore baltimore-recruitment@cbp.dhs.gov
New Mexico El Paso oforecruiterselpaso@cbp.dhs.gov
New York Buffalo cbprecruiterbuffalo@cbp.dhs.gov
New York New York oforecruiters-newyorkfieldoffice@cbp.dhs.gov
North Carolina Atlanta juan.r.gomez@cbp.dhs.gov
North Dakota Seattle michael.e.brydie@cbp.dhs.gov
Ohio Chicago anye.whyte@cbp.dhs.gov 
Oklahoma Chicago anye.whyte@cbp.dhs.gov 
Oregon Portland vanessa.m.butler@cbp.dhs.gov
Pennsylvania Baltimore baltimore-recruitment@cbp.dhs.gov
Puerto Rico San Juan sjuoforecruitment@cbp.dhs.gov
Rhode Island Boston bforecruitment@cbp.dhs.gov
South Carolina Atlanta juan.r.gomez@cbp.dhs.gov
South Dakota Chicago anye.whyte@cbp.dhs.gov 
Tennessee New Orleans ian.fields@cbp.dhs.gov
Texas Laredo daniel.mercado@cbp.dhs.gov
Texas (Eastern) Houston houston-recruitment@cbp.dhs.gov
Texas (Western) El Paso oforecruiterselpaso@cbp.dhs.gov
Utah San Francisco vanessa.m.butler@cbp.dhs.gov
Vermont Boston bforecruitment@cbp.dhs.gov
Virginia Atlanta juan.r.gomez@cbp.dhs.gov
Virginia (Northern) Baltimore baltimore-recruitment@cbp.dhs.gov
Washington Seattle michael.e.brydie@cbp.dhs.gov
West Virginia Atlanta juan.r.gomez@cbp.dhs.gov
Wisconsin Chicago anye.whyte@cbp.dhs.gov 
Wyoming San Francisco vanessa.m.butler@cbp.dhs.gov
  • Last Modified: December 2, 2022