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Van Horn Agents Make Large Apprehensions

Release Date
Wed, 03/03/2021
MARFA, Texas
For More Information
Greg L. Davis, Big Bend Sector Public Affairs, 202-839-1817,

The number of apprehensions continue to climb throughout Big Bend Sector.  Yesterday, agents apprehended large groups near Van Horn, Texas and seized over 200 pounds of marijuana.

Agents from the Van Horn Border Patrol Station were successful in making apprehensions across their area of responsibility which added to the increasing number of apprehensions across Big Bend Sector. Disrupting human smuggling events, both large and small, was accomplished by Border Patrol agents due to their knowledge of the land, use of technology and their partnerships with local and state law-enforcement agencies.

In one instance a large group of almost 50 illegal immigrants were apprehended in the rugged terrain near Van Horn, Texas. Some of the illegal immigrants were wearing camouflage to aid in their efforts to illegally enter the United States.

Over 200 pounds of marijuana was also seized within the Van Horn area. This seizure ensures the illicit profits do not return to the transnational criminal organizations which continue to victimize countless people for profit.

“Big Bend Sector agents know the lay of the land and are working strategically to counter the ever-changing tactics used by smugglers,” said Big Bend Sector Chief Patrol Agent Sean McGoffin. “We are dedicated to protecting the sovereignty of the United States and ensuring rule of law. We do not rest!”   

All subjects were processed according to Big Bend Sector protocols for appropriate adjudication. U.S. Customs and Border Protection remains vigilant regarding U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure that COVID-19 is not further introduced into the United States.

Big Bend Sector partners with many local and state law enforcement entities to keep our border communities safe. If you see something suspicious, report it by contacting our 24/7 hotline at

1-866-581-7549. Together, we can continue to uphold national security, combat illicit activity and keep people safe.

Honor First!


Walking out of dangerous terrain near Van Horn, Texas


Last Modified: Mar 04, 2021