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Forced Labor Industry Days

Individual sewing in the background with text "CBP Forced Labor Enforcement Industry Days; June 28-29, 2021, Day 1 - Supply Chain Transparency; Day 2- Country of Origin Identification; We're looking for experts - share your best tech! For information email


Topic 1 – Supply chain transparency Forced Labor:

  1. Business scenarios focused on identifying forced labor (section 1307 enforcement) in the supply chain of textiles, including Country of Origin, to aid in addressing challenges faced by both CBP and the trade.   
  2. Your proposal should reveal how you identify the complex routes materials.  How would this functionality improve or make more efficient your current process?

Topic 2 – Determine CO of Raw Materials:

  1. Business scenarios focused on the technologies allowing for the physical examination or laboratory analysis of goods to verify the legitimacy of Country of Origin claim.  The technology should allow for the complexities in raw materials.     
  2. Your proposal should focus on the physical examination used to determine Country of Origin.  When examining a textile product how do you determine where it came from? How would this functionality improve or make more efficient your current process?


  1. Proposals must be received no later than June 17th for consideration.
  2. Proposals must include:
    1. Company information, including point of contact.
    2. Description of how the project will result in efficiency and cost effectiveness for both the trade and CBP.  Proposals should include specific metrics.
    3. Description of project, including the type of activity being addressed (manifest, export, entry summary, etc.) and “pain points” to be alleviated.
  3. Format:  Word or PDF
  4. Length: 1-3 pages
  5. Send to:  Marie Williams at


  1. Format will be 15 X 10 (15 minutes presentation/10 minutes questions).
  2. Presentation teams should consist of no more than two representatives. 

You will be notified if you are chosen to participate in this two day event.  Questions and comments regarding this event should be directed to Marie Williams, Business Transformation and Innovation at .   

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June 11, 2021