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QB-2-214 2020 Tuna Final Restraint Limit and Proration

Restraint Level

A notice entitled “Tuna – Tariff Rate Quota” published in the Federal Register on May, 15, 2020 announced the 2020 restraint limit for tuna. The quota restraint limit for 2020 is 15,881,292 kilograms.

The quota on tuna oversubscribed at opening moment on January 2, 2020. All entry summaries and/or warehouse withdrawals of tuna presented 12 am (midnight) through 12pm (Noon Eastern Standard Time (EST) will be prorated as follows: .9083342 or 90.83342 percent of the presented quantity shall be liquidated at the in-quota (low) rate (HTS 1604.14.22/6%). The remainder shall be liquidated at the over-quota (high) rate (HTS 1604.14.30/12.5%). Quantities should be rounded to the nearest whole number as appropriate.

Any entry summaries and/or warehouse withdrawals presented after 12:00 p.m. E.S.T. January 2, 2020 or its equivalent in other time zones shall be liquidated at the high rate (HTS 1604.14.30/12.5%).

Reporting Instructions

To facilitate the shipments processing, HQ Quota will distribute an excel spreadsheet to the Agriculture and Prepared Products Center who will delegate out to the appropriate ports of entry for internal  use only with the prorated amount per line.

Special Instructions

It will be the responsibility of Port or Center personnel to ensure the quota is reported properly for entries containing tuna. The Port or Center is also responsible for processing the liquidation to generate the importer refund if necessary.

Broker/Filers are advised to file a claim (i.e., Post Summary Correction (PSC) or protest to request duty refund) if the entry summary is liquidated in error.


Please ensure that this notice is passed to all port directors, assistant port directors (trade), import specialists, entry specialists, CBP officers, and other interested parties such as brokers and importers.

Questions from the importing community regarding this electronic message should be referred to the local CBP port. The port may refer their questions through email to HQ Quota at


Last Modified: Jun 02, 2023