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  4. QB 19-009 Morocco U.S. Note 3-16

QB 19-009 Morocco U.S. Note 3-16


Agriculture products as provided for in Chapter 99, Subchapter XII, U.S. Notes 3 through 16.


January 1, 2019, through December 31, 2019


Wednesday, January 2, 2019


The aggregate quantity of qualifying goods allowed under the subheadings is:

Restraint Level
99120205U.S. Note 3 24,976 Kg
99120401U.S. Note 4 2,498 L
99120410U.S. Note 516,651 Kg
99120420U.S. Note 616,651 Kg
99120430U.S. Note 724,976 Kg
99120470U.S. Note 849,952 Kg
99120705U.S. Note 916,651 Kg
99120735U.S. Note 108,325 Kg
99121205U.S. Note 111,665 Kg
99122005U.S. Note 13500,000 Kg
99122105U.S. Note 14333,000 Kg
99122405U.S. Note 158,325 Kg
99125205U.S. Note 168,325 Kg



Use “MA” as the primary SPI indicator.

Use entry type code 02, 06, 07, 12, 23, 32, 38, or 52.

Report in units of measure as shown in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule.

Merchandise shall be reported and released via ACE.

Questions from the importing community regarding this electronic message should be referred to the local CBP port.  The port may refer questions through email to

Last Modified: Dec 12, 2018