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Enhanced Services from the CBP Employee Assistance Program 

If you’re feeling down or stuck in a rut, let us give you a hand. CBP recently launched two new services for CBP employees and their eligible family members: a confidential chatbot and health coaching. You can access both through the CBP Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Tess: A Confidential Chatbot

If you need a safe space to talk or share your concerns, consider texting "Hi" to Tess at 442-245-8065. Tess offers emotional support and therapy, or simply helpful small talk, with no judgment, no fee, and in total confidence.

CBP employees and their eligible family members can access the service 24/7 by texting from any mobile device anywhere. Tess is powered by artificial intelligence, which learns over time to deliver the specific support you need. It can help you combat negative thoughts, for example, or learn coping skills and strategies recommended by mental health experts. Click here for a list of frequently asked questions on how Tess works.

The CBP EAP also has 24/7 confidential counseling services available. To speak with a person directly, call 800-755-7002.

Health Coaching

Change is hard. Sometimes you need an invested partner to hold you accountable. CBP EAP has professional health coaches who are specially trained to do just that. They can drive and motivate you and actively strategize ways to help you make lasting lifestyle changes in areas such as:

  • Weight management;
  • Healthy eating;
  • Tobacco cessation; 
  • Stress management:
  • Fitness and exercise; or,
  • General health and wellness. 

All services are free, confidential and offered by phone. Participants are entitled to 12 sessions per topic, during which health coaches will help you create an action plan, commit to healthy choices, overcome roadblocks and celebrate your successes.   

Last modified: 
July 7, 2021

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