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2020 Commissioner's Awards

Release Date: 
December 8, 2020

The 2020 Commissioner’s Awards honor the dedication and professional achievements of employees from across U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  The individuals designated below performed above and beyond the call of duty and demonstrated a special dedication to CBP's mission.


Medal of Honor for Heroism

This is CBP’s highest and most prestigious award.  It is awarded to an employee or any individual/citizen supporting CBP who performed an act of extraordinary bravery, gallantry, or valor (while on or off duty).  The act performed must be above the call of duty; present an imminent and personal danger to life; and the individual must have knowledge of the risks involved and voluntarily assume them.
Donald K.James S.


Meritorious Service Award for Valor

To recognizes an employee (uniformed or non-uniformed) who demonstrated exceptional courage while on or off duty and displayed valor in a dangerous, life-threatening situation involving efforts to save another person's life or the protection of property.  This includes any act that posed a danger or risk to the employee.
Phillip D.Randale M.


Integrity Award

To recognize an employee who clearly demonstrated work habits and devotion to integrity that are above reproach and exemplified CBP’s core values and ethical standards while on duty (e.g., participated in an undercover operation that led to the arrest of an individual or addressed a potential incident of terrorism or corruption).
Juan A.Maritza W.


Leadership Award

To recognize a supervisor (non-Senior Executive Service) for outstanding leadership ability who best exemplified leadership competencies to forward the mission and/or vision of CBP.
Robert J.


Special Recognition Award

To recognize efforts and accomplishments for an employee or a team not covered by the other award category, including those who have overcome adversity (professional and/or personal) to achieve success.
Romana W.Anthony H.Gary R.
Donna M.Shaun S.Amanda F.
Anna D.Stephanie A.Susan G.
Ronie N.Andrew L.Shannon F.
Barbara W.  


Best Practices, Efficiency, and Innovation Award

To recognize exceptional accomplishments of an employee or team who developed innovative ideas and/or processes, including technology, which improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and cost of CBP operations.  An example of improving efficiency is creating and implementing a successful pilot initiative within an office that focuses on reducing costs; streamlining processes; eliminating duplication; enhancing transparency; and/or improving customer service.
Dilip K.Neele S.Jason B.
Shelby S.Teresa B.Ashutosh K.
Terra C.Christopher Y.Steven T.
Katie P.Steven C.Marjorie O.
William W.Cherie P.Erik G.
Juan P.Armando T.Christopher P.
Robert S.Dina A.Gary M.
Ann Marie P.Robert B.Camille M.
Mark S.Jorge G.Yolanda B.
Katie W.Africa B.Diann R.
Joseph B.Judy S. 


Partnering and Stakeholder Engagement Award

To recognize an employee or team who exhibited: exceptional cooperation and dedication in working with CBP stakeholders by promoting current and proposed CBP programs; assisting stakeholders in addressing concerns; assisting in building and maintaining partnerships amongst CBP and state/local governments; and/or improving CBP's visibility through international cooperation, inter-governmental and intra-government outreach and advocacy, and/or community outreach.
John P.Marc M.Benjamin W.
Lisa R.Alexandra K.Robert G.
Jay V.Joanna C.Scott K.
Tiffany M.Michael B.Rachelle H.


Unsung Heroes Award

To recognize a non-uniformed employee for outstanding achievement in customer service and who best exemplifies professionalism in all that he or she does in carrying out CBP’s critical homeland security mission.  Examples include:  (1) specific act or achievement; (2) a model of exemplary conduct over an extended period; and (3) an exceptional contribution to the organization.  In each case, the employee must have distinguished himself or herself from other employees performing the same or similar circumstances.  In order to make this distinction, careful consideration must be given to what is expected vs. what is above expectations.   Eligibility: GS-11 level or below and Wage Grade employees.
Dawn-Marie A.Yew Fay Y. 


Diana Dean and Jose Melendez-Perez Anti-terrorism Award

To recognize an employee or team who demonstrated vigilance and outstanding accomplishments to the CBP anti-terrorism mission.  Examples include detecting, identifying, and intercepting potential terrorists, smuggling of weapons of mass destruction, and other terrorist tools of destruction; and identifying and dismantling key financial operations that support individuals or organizations involved in threats or acts of terrorism.  
Nael S.Veva C.Kevin W.
Adina P.Matthew K.William T.
Keri B.Anthony B.Christopher B.
Steven W.Tina H.Paul N.
Adelfa R.Odette V.Jim M.


Workforce Engagement and Inclusion Award

To recognize an employee or team of employees who championed CBP’s commitment to a bias-free work environment; particularly, those efforts which exemplify the principle of equal opportunity.  Demonstrated efforts in growing a diverse, high-performing workforce that reflects all segments of society and values all aspects of our human diversity; cultivates an inclusive work environment; enhances morale; creates an engaged organization that leverages and empowers all contributors; and facilitates outstanding, responsive public service.
Steven C.Peter F.Danny T.
Michael C.Eric A.Loren T.
Duane H.Robert R.Ann S.
Kreshanna R.Marcos S.Kathleen S.
Melissa L.Teresa P.Fabrianne P.
Rebecca M.  


Excellence in Mission Support Award

To recognize an employee or team who achieved mission support reforms or innovations that significantly improved efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of CBP's mission support operations.  This includes initiatives in the areas of finance, information technology, human resources, asset management, training and development, equal employment opportunity, policy and planning, aquisition, procurement, etc.
William C.Maria K.Carleen L.
Miguel G.Jorge R.Rachel M.
Joyce G.Carlos P.Jose E.
Eduardo J.Carlos R.Arturo V.
Alfredo Y.Anthony C.Anthony P.
Joseph M.Luis D.Luis H.
Erica S.Elisabeth C.Susan Z.
Anthony G.Joel M.Francisco G.
Joshua D.  


Distinguished Service to Safety Award

To recognize an employee or team's actions or discernment that have honorably improved or advanced the safety culture within the agency.  The award recognizes ideas, programs, and suggestions that stimulate safety actions that have reduced or could reduce outcomes associated with serious injury or death in the execution of CBP's mission.
David R.James R.Alison G.
Tiffany B.Theodore S.Tasha M.
Ryan S.Ricardo P.Raul M.
Phillip S.Olnick H.Nevada W.
Natalie G.Matthew R.Margarita R.
Lorie V.Joseph C.Jeremy M.
Jeff S.Jarret T.Elizabeth R.
Douglas N.Carolyn R.Ryan R.
Angel S.Baden S. 


Excellence in Law Enforcement Actions

To recognize an employee (uniformed or non-uniformed) or a team, who demonstrated unusual courage and best represented CBP through their leadership, initiative, and teamwork.  Examples include results associated with significant law enforcement achievements – e.g., counterterrorism, apprehension, or detention of individuals suspected or convicted of offenses against the criminal laws of the United States.
Amador Z.Roberto M.Juan D.
Luis G.Robert P.Javier A.
Julian B.James K.David C.


Mission Integration Award

To recognize a team of employees (e.g., all employees eligible) who demonstrated a cross-organizational approach and worked on behalf of the Agency and not an individual office to address an issue or implement a solution that addressed a common problem along the border in key areas such as law enforcement, integrity, trade facilitation, border management, customs-trade partnerships, security, and business resumption.  In using a cross-organizational approach, the team employed innovation and teamwork that are the tools of collaboration valued in our organization.  The team illustrated that, when elements from the various corners are brought together to resolve any problem, the collective solution becomes greater than the individual sum of CBP's parts.  The dynamic and cooperative approach reflects the higher path that leads towards greater and more unified CBP solutions, and along the way, shows the direction to integrate our critical resources, our people and knowledge, into unified solutions to achieve the CBP mission that is nothing less than preserving the national security of this Nation.
Luis M.Emilia B.Lauren C.
Adriana A.Katrina D.Anne M.
Maritza M.Adriana G.Maria K.
Ricardo C.Samuel C.Arturo B.
Israel C.Albert B.Julie K.
Angela C.Belinda C.Nelson W.
Lisa D.Eric D.Eduardo S.
Michael T.Hector M.Timothy M.
Kristie M.Dario L.Cary K.
Jacques S.Angel S.Tony M.
Jacqueline E.Sam J.Theodore S.
Martin C.Robert B.Amanda B.
Dwayne M.  


Trade and Facilitation Award

To recognize an employee or team for significant contributions to the advancing of trade and travel programs and engaging the trade and travel community in cooperative efforts (brokers, importers, and/or trade associations); to strengthen security, improve compliance, reduce trade and travel risks, and at the same time achieving efficient facilitation.
Simon Q.Michelle K.Benjamin W.
Jeremy E.Peter G.Jose M.
Marc L.James M.Eric L.
Rafael Q.Gloria A.Jeffrey S.
Marc Z.Christopher B.Michelle C.
Alicia P.Eric R.Jennifer W.
Robin T.Russell M.Lauren K.
Brandon D.John K.Marciano H.
Robert M.Kellee G.Sharolyn M.
James S.Gary S.Deborah C.
Jessica O.Emi W.Gail K.
Jennifer B.Kristina F.Emily S.
Robert A.Jyosthna C.Christopher J.
Jay A.Shiva B. 


Volunteer Service Award

To recognize an individual or team who, through volunteer service, best promotes a positive image of CBP.  The team/employee must demonstrate a commitment to promoting community engagement locally, nationally, or internationally and show evidence of a sustained commitment to promoting civic engagement and have meaningful results for individuals or the larger public.
Alma D.  


Emerging Leader Award

To recognize a uniformed or non-uniformed employee within their first three to five years of service who has demonstrated exceptional informal leadership and commitment to the CBP mission.
Ellen E.Joel S. 


Career Achievement Award

To recognize a uniformed or non-uniformed employee who has led significant and sustained achievements during 20 or more years of federal service.  The employee’s career service record should reflect meaningful contributions which affect the functions, mission, or personnel of an entire field area or major office or that substantially surpass established performance standards, expectations, or goals.  Nominee must have at least 20 years of career federal civil service, not including military service, during the current nomination cycle.
Maria L.Anthony P. 


Excellence in Intelligence Award

To recognize a uniformed or non-uniformed employee who has demonstrated a track record of accomplishments in the intelligence arena and enhanced CBP's intelligence initiatives and programs.
Stacy G.Wan-Jung S. 


Excellence in Task Forces and Investigations Award

To recognize a team who demonstrated effective enforcement and interdiction across land, sea, and air to degrade transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) while still facilitating the flow of lawful trade, travel, and commerce across our borders.  Examples include integrating and aligning intelligence capabilities to achieve DHS and CBP’s mission; prioritizing investigative efforts to disrupt, degrade, and dismantle TCOs and illicit networks; strengthening international, prosecutorial, and deterrent efforts against TCO enterprises; and advancing DHS and CBP’s mission through unified communications.
Robert R.Matthew P.Luke I.
John S.David D.John D.
Joseph K.Keny M.Ann O.
Raymond H.Bryan P.David R.


Resiliency Award

To recognize an employee who has triumphed over personal tragedy.  Resiliency is defined as the ability to withstand, recover, and grow in the face of stressors and changing demands.
Todd F.Reyes T. 
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February 3, 2021